A Life Lesson From A Blackbird (796)

While out fishing this week I had a male blackbird approach me. Now if you’re an angler yourself, you’ll be familiar with robins doing this. They know that fishermen and maggots go together. I’ve never had it with a blackbird before though.

It became apparent that he had a nest of young nearby because he would collect a dozen or more maggots and then fly there before returning to begin the gathering process all over again.

What I noticed though was that before he started collecting for his young he would eat several maggots himself. This is an important principle and one that many people don’t grasp. Before you can start to meet the needs of others effectively, you have to be in a good position yourself.

It’s not selfish to make sure you have enough because it’s out of your abundance that you can give more. Whether time, money or possessions you can only give what you have. If the blackbird didn’t eat itself it would die and so would its young.

Check out the brief footage of the blackbird via the short video in the embedded Instagram post, as well as a few photographs.

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