Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life (793)

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.
I always remember my junior school headmaster, Mr Fidler, saying that. It didn’t mean that much to me at the time. It never does when you’re that age.
Today also happens to be my 56th birthday.
When you’re 8 the thought of being in secondary school seems like a million years away.
Then when you’re 15 the idea of being 21 isn’t even on the radar.
Before you know it, you’re 30. Then 40. Then 50. And 56.
Whoever said time flies wasn’t joking.
You can’t turn back the hands of time.
You can have your hair done, wear modern clothes, even have cosmetic surgery.
People can say you only look 30 but if you’re 40, you’re 40.
They can say you look 40 but If you’re 50 that’s how old you really are.
The body ages regardless of what we do with the exterior.
It’s not doom and gloom though, far from it.
Make your peace with people, yourself and most of all, God. Make the most of every day and life becomes a joy.
Get it right and the latter years become far more productive and fulfilling than the earlier ones ever were.

‘And though your beginning was small, your latter days will be very great.’  Job 8: 7

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