Jigging For Perch (794)

Although the daytime air temperatures are rising, it’s still quite chilly once the sun sets and that’s reflected in water readings. They’re also moving in the right direction but still behind where we, as anglers, would like them to be.

I’ve been jigging the last few days and the fish haven’t been active at all. If you look at one of the photographs closely you will notice a leech on the perch. They’re nasty creatures and will attach themselves to fish, especially when they’re on the bottom and dormant.


When the going gets tough though and all that stuff, it’s been great to experience the thud of a predator as it hits the lure. I’ve been fishing with 2g jigheads and rubber fish. I’ve mentioned tackle in recent blog entries, in particular this one.


The natural world in general though is coming to life and as well as lesser celandine, which are now visible in numerous places, on one of the venues I fished I noticed a couple of colonies of wood anemone in bloom. I also spotted my first bluebell of the year in flower this week.


It won’t be long now before I start fishing for bream and tench. However, jigging will continue to play a big part in my angling plans. A busy life means I have to fit in sessions when I can and that’s where lure fishing in general comes into its own.

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