Roach At Valley View (789)

Even though we’re about to turn the corner as far as the month of April is concerned, the general conditions still have some way to go before we hit what we would call spring. In particular, the water temperature is still lagging behind and it’s often hard going.

That was the case when I visited the Kinver Freeliners’ venue, Valley View. Normally prolific, this time round it wasn’t the usual bite-every-cast that happens when you fish with maggot, especially once you get a shoal in your swim.

I still caught though but all small roach as per the photograph. Although on the Kinver Freeliners’ books, the aptly-named Valley View was originally a commercial-type water. Fishing with a small waggler there is a good depth under the rod tip, which is ideal for that approach.

I kept expecting to connect with a decent fish every time the float dipped but all I had were small roach, with nothing over four ounces. There was another angler on the pool and he was struggling as well, sometimes it’s just one of those days.

The important thing though is to enjoy your fishing regardless of what turns up. Ultimately it’s great just to be out there though, and as anglers we should never lose sight of the big picture.

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