Anything But Flat On The Dee Estuary (781)

If you’re a regular reader of my blog entries then you’ll know that fairly recently I’ve written about the plan to get more sea fishing sessions in. Well, after an exploratory trip that coincided with a football visit to nearby Airbus UK Broughton, the rubber hit the road properly this week.

Again, football was involved, this time I took my sea gear with me to work and then headed north on the A5 afterwards instead of eastwards. Work, by the way, is The New Saints Football Club, where I’m the media man at Park Hall. Although demanding in terms of time and commitment (I’m not complaining, though), it’s also flexible, and that proved useful as I was able to get to Deeside Tackle before it closed.

Two packs of lugworm later, I was casting out into the low water of the Dee estuary in Flintshire. Fishing with a couple of rods, the set-ups as far as the business end was concerned were identical. Simple two-hook rigs (check out the accompanying photographs), size 4 Aberdeen hooks and, although not needed at low tide, 5oz gripper leads.

When the tide starting to push in though, they were mercilessly pushed round to the concrete structure that I fished from. On my previous visit I had worked out when would be the best times to fish and especially if you target somewhere regularly, then you need to know that. Whether tides or other factors, most venues will fish differently.

It was quite breezy – and throw some rain into the mix as well – but it didn’t affect me or the fishing. Although not like the winter sessions on the coast proper where you run out of fingers and toes counting the small whiting, this was definitely a quality over quantity affair. Plus I do love flatfish as well, and for me the words estuary and flounder go hand in hand.

Getting the tell-tale taps on the rod top, allowing the bite to develop to the point where you hook the fish cleanly, and then to see the flattie surface, is one of angling’s great pleasures. I do genuinely love all fish but there’s something special about flatfish. My very first sea fish way back when I was a child was a flounder caught from Rhyl harbour at low tide on a maggot!

A little further down the river from where I fished this time is where the channel finally meets the sea, and that’s dab heaven. Talacre is my favourite spot, simply because of the species and the great sport that can be had there. In fact, now that I’ve got my sea-head back on that is on the radar as well.

Ironically, although football has kept me away from the coast, in that my semi-retired lifestyle with lots of holidays came to an end, it’s also opened the door to more single sessions. I do love sea fishing, so watch this space, as they say.

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