Mini-Jigging And Pike On The Bank (779)

If you’ve been a regular follower of my blog then you’ll know that I do a lot of lure fishing in general, and mini-jigging in particular. With the minimal amount of gear required which can be tucked away safely in the boot, a made-up rod that is ready to go and no building up a swim, so instant fishing, it’s a great way to get lots of extra sessions in.

Personally, time is very tight so it means I can satisfy my piscatorial urges. I’ve done countless sessions that have been less than half an hour and I’ve still caught well. When anglers say they haven’t got time to go fishing that’s not always strictly true. Sometimes it’s bad time management that gets in the way, not time itself.

Although I’ve still been fishing right through the winter, it’s been with other styles and methods, as lure fishing has taken a back seat due to the conditions. The water temperatures are now on the rise though, and with the fish becoming more active, I literally dusted down the gear and headed to a lake for a late evening session.

Now that the clocks have gone forward and it doesn’t get dark until much later, I’ll certainly be making the most of it by getting out on the bank as much as possible. On this occasion, although my target was perch, I ended up with a few small pike. It’s all great fun though and like many types of angling you can’t guarantee catching just one species.

I’ll produce some lure fishing videos in the near future, and go through my gear in more detail, but for now this is a written website entry only. In just an hour or so I had some great fun, with a number of lunges, as well as fish on the bank, that didn’t develop into full-blown takes. The small rubber lure on a 2g jig head was more than suitable in the clear water of this particular venue.

I saw my first sand martins of the year, with three migrating birds passing through, as well as my first bat, a common pipistrelle feeding at dusk. Several clumps of coltsfoot in bloom along with the three smooth newts I had in my garden pond earlier in the day were positive signs that we’ve finally turned the winter corner.

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