Football And Sea Fishing – Killing Two Birds With One Stone (766)

I haven’t been sea fishing much in the last year or so, in fact it was a couple of beach sessions at St Andrews on the east coast of Scotland when I last cast out into saltwater. That was when I was with The New Saints FC on our pre-Champions League camp north of the English border, in June of last year.

As we were there for a few days, as well as games against Rangers and St Johnstone there was also lots of team bonding going on. A number of the lads played golf, while I had a fishing rod in the back of the van that took all the gear.

I do love sea fishing and have been working out how I can get more sessions in. Ironically, while it has been my involvement in football that has kept me away from the coast, this week it was the beautiful game that opened up an opportunity to do some saltwater angling.

With snow on the Park Hall pitch, the team trained at Airbus UK’s ground in Flintshire. After the session, where I filmed and photographed the players on the pitch, I then headed further along the Dee estuary to check out a fishing spot. Instead of just looking I also took a couple of rods and some tackle.

Setting off for Deeside Tackle in Shotton to get some bait, I was confronted by a shop closed with the shutters down. The wonders of modern technology though meant that I located another a few miles on in Flint, courtesy of the Internet. With just an hour or so before I had to get back to work, I then drove to the spot I had in mind, and after a look round, cast out.

It was just short of high tide when I started fishing and although the flood was fine, the moment it turned it was impossible to hold bottom. The pull of the ebbing water, combined with the debris that wrapped itself around the line and hooks, meant fishing was extremely difficult.

That was no problem though, I had gone first and foremost to do some research. Fishing in this instance was actually a bonus. Now I’ve got it sorted I’ll be able to visit again when I have more time, and more importantly, to fit in with the tides.

Living in the Wolverhampton area means that any sea fishing trip involves a lengthy journey. If I can combine it with days I’m at The New Saints though, I’ve immediately knocked off 100 plus miles from the round trip.

Football, sea fishing and killing two birds with one stone. I’ve done it this week and I’m going to be doing it a lot more in the future. As they say, watch this space.

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