When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Go Chub Fishing (765)

What a week or so that was weather-wise, depending on where you live in the country, of course. Some places certainly had it far worse than my area (south Staffordshire) but as I reside right on the English watershed, we do get our fair share of snow when it hits the region. I love fishing in the snow but my problem is access, especially as the road I live in becomes very difficult when the white stuff starts to fall.

However, during the recent combination of The Beast From The East and Storm Emma, although I was stuck for a few days I still managed to get out. The Staffs/Worcs Canal was mostly frozen but where overflows existed by locks there was still some water to go at.

In addition, I targeted a small brook that I have fished over a period of time. With roach in there, it’s ideal for cold weather fishing and with a wind chill of up to minus 15, it certainly was cold. However, I’m a great believer in taking it all in your stride. You can’t allow things that you have no control over to dominate your life.

The brook has provided a number of species since I started fishing there, with bullhead, perch and stickleback occasionally coming out although roach are the dominate fish. This time though I added a new name to the list, as I banked a small chub. With a snow backdrop, the photograph came out nice.

If you click the embedded post above, which is on my instagram account, as well as the featured chub you can also see my set-up, which will be very familiar if you follow my blog regularly. Use the search engine at the base of this page and type in Poachers Pocket, if you’re interested in finding out more.

As well as the chub on the brook, I also caught on the canal as well. As you’d expect, there was a difference in size and they do go to a very good weight in the Staffs/Worcs, where I’ve had them to 6-6-8. Years ago I used to travel the 100 miles plus round-trip to the upper Severn to have a chance of fish that size, now they’re on my doorstep, so to speak.

The fish were all caught on red maggot – with a few thrown in as loose feed and the rig set-up is as below. It’s a standard one I use with Poachers Pocket, the only difference being that I went for a size 16 hook. With bites being very finicky I wanted to make sure that I was going to hit even the tiniest of taps. I was prepared to take a chance with a bigger hook knowing that once I had an interest then the odds were in my favour. It worked.

Blog entry 765. To go to the home page and view the others, click the image at the very top of the site. If you’ve been a regular reader of my blogs then you’ll be aware that this is a slight departure from the norm. With so much going on, not to mention the variety of content, I thought I’d post more often than just every Saturday. A successful blog is constantly evolving, I’ll see how this works out.