Reflections Of My Life – Blog Entry 764

As has been the case for a number of weeks now, this week’s blog entry leads with a song headline. The nature of the content, especially being a soul man myself, instantly led me to think of Diana Ross and The Supremes’ Reflections. However, The Marmalade track has added words that reflect (no pun intended) the make-up of this week’s published entry.

This is the 764th consecutive Saturday that I have uploaded a post and although I do get lots of comments about it being a commitment and a dedication, it has never been a burden. The format has changed numerous times over the years and the content, although still very much fishing-focused, is now much wider in the sense that it is a personal blog.


Roach And Bullhead 

This past seven days has been very cold, and as a result the bites – and consequent fish on the bank – have been much less than in recent weeks. However, the old adage has remained true, that as long as your bait’s in the water you’ve got a chance. Although the Staffs/Worcs and Montgomery Canals proved to be very difficult indeed, nevertheless I did catch roach.

The most success, as you’d expect in conditions like we have been going through, has been on flowing water. In particular I’ve been on one of my regular brook haunts and caught both roach and bullhead. The former are just small as you’d expect on a very small waterway but it’s the latter that really draw me back.

I’ve always had a soft spot for the mini-species, stretching back to when I was a child and used to fish for sticklebacks at Penn Common in the ‘duckpond’. Plus, my first ever fish was a gudgeon from The Bratch on the Staffs/Worcs Canal. All great memories and part of the ‘Reflections of my life’ theme this week.

Back to the present though and I did get the mini-jigging rod out but I had no takers. The fish just weren’t enticed by a moving lure, no matter how slowly I presented a bait. All the fish caught were on my Poachers Pocket sessions. You can check recent entries or use the search engine at the base of the page to find out more about it.

Suffice to say though that it’s become a very effective tool at my disposal and also a pleasurable way of fishing. I like it. The rod is made up, I get to the water’s edge and within seconds I’ve cast out. This week, as for quite some time now, bait has been a single red maggot on an 18 or 16 hook. When the conditions are against you and you want to catch, you can’t beat the all-embracing and humble maggot.


My Personal Football Memorabilia Collection 

I’m coming to the end of my fourth full season now at The New Saints FC and during that time I’ve amassed a pretty decent, and highly personal, memorabilia collection. It all started at my very first game on TNS Radio when I ended up with a team sheet, as the club hosted Rhyl in the Welsh Premier League.

I thought to myself, you can’t throw that away and so, without realising it at the time, a collection was being birthed. It now contains a whole host of signed items such as shirts, posters, programmes etc, as well as press passes and other stuff that all carry a personal memory. From Champions League games to Welsh domestic fixtures, they’re all represented in the mix.



Social media in many ways is neutral, it’s the same as television. It’s up to you what you watch and what you decide to allow into your life. Make sure that you have the remote. Be in control. Those exact words have been one of my #RevsReflections that I’ve posted this week. They’re random thoughts that come to my mind with the intention of encouraging, challenging and inspiring others – and of course, yourself as well.

It’s better to build people up rather than knock them down. In the process we get lifted as well. Search the hashtag on Facebook and Twitter for others and if you’re interested in finding out more about the motivation behind them then click here.


The Beast From The East 

The weather front that has hit the country this week, and gone by the above name, reminded me of some of the sessions I’ve been on over the years. Digging out a couple of old photographs – from the days before the internet had really taken off – I shared them across my own social media platforms. As with the other embedded posts in this week’s blog entry, the one below is from my recently started Instagram account.


Still Got The Same Passion For Angling All These Years Later

Finally, and keeping with the theme of the blog, the magic of angling is still very much as real for me now as it was all those years back when I first picked up a rod. The Marmalade title song is quite a haunting one and as you grow older you do become aware of your own mortality. I don’t want to sound morbid, as I do have a tremendous sense of peace as far as eternity is concerned.

You do become conscious though at some point in your life that the years ahead of you are far less than those behind. You can’t do anything about it but what you can do is choose to make the most of what’s left. That’s why fishing in particular is very important to me.

My fishing may be your something else. It may be reading, train spotting or crafting. Above all, we need these things, especially in today’s hectic society. Work and leisure balance is important more than ever. I don’t know about you, but I intend to burn on not burn out.


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