When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going – Blog Entry 761

With the coldest week of the winter so far, whether getting out at the water’s edge or other stuff, I carried on as normal. You can’t allow external circumstances over which you have no control to affect your life. If you only fish – or anything for that matter – when conditions are perfect, you probably won’t get out much.

It might not be a popular concept in some areas of society but we do have to toughen up and hit adversity – or whatever it is that stands against us – head on. At the risk of offending people, which is not my intention, there were plenty of snowflakes this week but they were all falling from the sky. That’s the best place for them and on that, I’ve added a poll for the first time. Vote at the base of the page.

Still not feeling too well, as has been the case all year, it would have been easy to have given in this week. Instead, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. You can listen to the Billy Ocean track via the Spotify link below.



Chub And Bream On The Canal

The opening session, on the Staffs/Worcs Canal, saw chub and perch on the bank. I didn’t see any other anglers out and about, and while it was cold, my philosophy is that as long as you’ve got a bait in the water then you have a chance. As it happened I had a few and ended up with some nice fish on the bank in what was just a short session.

It was my Poachers Pocket set-up that did the trick as well. It’s so convenient, I’ve got everything, bar the net, in one bag that fits very easily in the boot of the car. All I need to do is get some bait, in this case red maggots from the fridge, and away I go. It really fits in with my busy lifestyle.

There was a time when I wouldn’t have really entertained this style of fishing. Ten years ago, enjoying a semi-retired approach to life, specimen angling was my chosen style. All the gear and long sessions at the water’s edge targeting big fish. Now, if I wanted to stick to that then I would hardly get out. That’s where flexibility is the name of the game.

I’ve totally reevaluated my fishing and it’s very different now to what it used to be. The thing is though – and this is very important – I’m enjoying it just as much. That’s what it’s all about. That’s the bottom line.

Other sessions on the canal – and fish – followed and you can see some of them here in the blog entry. The rig is a simple one but it works and that’s then key. One of the big positives about the Poachers Pocket approach for me is that I can keep everything set up and ready to go. All I need to do at the water’s edge is extend the telescopic rod, let out some line, put a bait on and cast out. I can be fishing in seconds.

The Poachers Pocket set-up rig


Roach And Bullhead On A Brook

With the water temperature continuing at rock bottom towards the end of the week, and the canal partly-frozen, I ventured to a brook that I have fished quite a lot in recent months. Again fishing with the Poachers Pocket outfit, the rig was the same as the canal. I caught roach and a single bullhead. I also had a second fish on that was liberated just as I was about to lift it from the water.

I do like bullheads, they aren’t that widespread and you certainly can’t target them in the way you can other fish. Nevertheless, when I know they are in a venue it’s always at the back of my mind when I fish there that I want to try and catch one. I quite like the mini-species and when you catch any fish by design it’s special.

I managed another 10 sessions this week, all very short but sweet. As long as I’m fishing, I’m happy.