Only The Strong Survive – Blog Entry 758

The headline this week is the Billy Paul classic, Only The Strong Survive. Not only is it a great song but the lyrics are so true. Listen to it on Spotify via the link below.

I saw on Twitter that a certain well-known person had lots of abuse when she posted that people with depression don’t need tablets, just running shoes and fresh air.

Now of course for some that just wouldn’t work but I can see the point she’s making. In fact, although some people describe themselves as feeling depressed it’s more a case of being down in the dumps. That’s the sort of experience where you can lift yourself, as opposed to clinical depression which will need external intervention.

For me this week I’ve been in a position where I’ve needed to motivate myself. Not because I felt down emotionally though but rather I’ve been hit by the bug that seems to be doing the rounds at the moment.

It’s been a real struggle but I’ve been determined to not let it win. In fact it hasn’t had the victory at all in my life, the only noticeable effect is that I’ve been on just short angling sessions this week. But at least I’ve been out and that’s the important thing.


Poachers Pocket

All my angling this week has been with the Poachers Pocket outfit. Carrying all my gear – including the made-up rod and reel – in a small bag, the only other item is a landing net and that’s only because it won’t fit in. All the sessions have been canal ones, from my local Staffs/Worcs to the Montgomery on my way to The New Saints FC.

I caught one bream/roach hybrid with all the other fish on the bank the ever-reliable roach. The water temperature has once more been rock-bottom, in fact many stillwaters have been frozen. As they say though, when the going gets tough then the tough get going.

All sessions, as stated already, have been short ones. That’s the point though that I’m always making about the benefits of a having a mini-telescopic rod and reel. Travelling light is the key, especially when it’s a struggle. The last thing you want when you’re not feeling too well is to be lugging loads of gear around.

Use the search engine at the base of the page to find out more about Poachers Pocket. It’s working well for me.



I travelled to Swansea City during the week to watch Wolverhampton Wanderers in FA Cup action. It was my 32nd new ground of the season so far and my 31st Welsh one overall. Check out more on my GroundHopping adventures HERE.

In addition, as you can see from one of the embedded tweets below, I also had plenty of opportunity to practice my Welsh. I’ll talk about that in a future blog entry, suffice it to say that although I’m proud to be English, I’m also equally proud of my Welsh heritage.


Transfer Window Activity At The New Saints FC

We made a couple of signings this week and you can read all about that via the link below. It’s always a pleasure to be involved, getting to Park hall early and preparing a room for the photograph session of the players signing. Then going on the pitch for a series of shots in different locations followed by interviews. Then finally, putting everything together for a press release on the club website and across social media.

It’s a pleasure and privilege to be involved in the world of professional football. That’s something I would never have even dreamed about four years ago. It just shows, you never know what’s around life’s corner do you.