My Girl – Blog Entry 757

Last weekend I was off on my football-related travels. This time it was to the north-east of England as The New Saints Ladies played Newcastle United Women in the SSE Women’s FA Cup. It was the first time that our girls have been that far in the competition, so it was an ideal opportunity to be part of the experience, as they created history of their own.

Following the 2-1 victory, the team bus on the journey home was a very happy one indeed. At one stage I heard chants of ‘Stewart, Stewart, Stewart’ from the back. Making my way there the girls wanted me to sing. Well, I cleared my throat and let rip with The Temptations’ classic, My Girl, and that’s the story behind this week’s heading.

More of the Newcastle experience later but for now, click the link below and listen on Spotify.


Tips On Fishing In Cold Water Conditions

The angling video in this blog entry was filmed on a canal after perch. With the venue frozen just a few days before it was certainly a challenge and also the opportunity to share a few tips. First of all there is the important consideration of location – you can only catch what’s in front of you. Then, secondly, I looked at water temperature. It’s not something that many particularly think about but water and air don’t move at the same rate.

For example, referring to the comments I made about coastal water temperatures, here are some interesting facts that highlight the point I was making: The average water temperature at Barnstaple in Devon is higher in October than it is in June. The waters around Berwick-Upon-Tweed are warmer in December than they are in May. If you want to find out more then check out this site.

The rig I used on the canal can be viewed below. As always, it’s just a simple set-up but most importantly it works. If you like the video by the way, why not share it on your own social media timeline? There are share links if you watch it on YouTube. In addition, why not subscribe to the channel and receive the weekly updates as they are published? They’re always in advance of the blog entry as well, so it’s an insight of what’s to come in that sense.

The rig used in the video session

The water thermometer used in the video is from Maplins and can be viewed here. The bait for the video session was single red maggot fished over loose red maggots.


Poachers Pocket 

As always, I did lots of other sessions, all short but as I say so many times, as long as your bait’s in the water you’ve got a chance. I caught perch, roach and a roach/bream hybrid. It’s all good fun and you can catch check out the rig for that below. I fished with single red maggot and fed loose red maggots.

The Poachers Pocket set-up rig


Don’t Be A Headline Reader Only

On the subject of the Poachers Pocket set-up, I’ve lost count of the number of times I publish a blog entry like this and people will comment on the post on social media with something like, ‘What make is your telescopic rod’. They’ve seen a picture or read a headline but haven’t bothered to click the link.

I’m not being critical or judgmental here by the way but I think we are fast becoming a nation of headline readers. That leads to people not finding out information for themselves but expecting to be spoon-fed. In life generally, never mind in angling, if we want to learn, find out more, improve and move on then we have to research. Or at the very least click and read something before asking questions and on that subject there is a search engine at the base of this page.


On The Road With TNS Ladies

Following the game in the north-east with TNS Ladies, I dedicated my weekly column on the club site to the trip. You can read more via the link below. The ability to embed social media posts in the blog is a valuable one, it means you don’t have to write out lots of stuff over again. Plus, I think the look of the embedded posts fits in nicely. It adds attractive content. Worth considering if you’re a blogger yourself.


Sports Chaplaincy UK

One of my many roles – but more importantly, functions – at The New Saints FC is that of club chaplain. My faith is important to me and this is a very practical way of manifesting what I believe. Faith without works is dead.

During the week at Park Hall we hosted Warren (UK CEO), Martin and Heather (Wales) and Elliot (newly-appointed for north Wales). They were there specifically to meet with Elliott as he embarks on a new role.

I’m really happy to be involved myself and although church is very important to me, the reality is that faith doesn’t begin at 10.30 on a Sunday morning and finish at 12.00 noon. Although we may live in an ever-increasingly secular society here in the UK, I find that people aren’t as anti-God as you may at first believe.

Even through angling-related contacts I get a steady stream of people contact me for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s just to have a ‘chat’ via private means on social media or it can be a request for prayer for something. I’ve been an ordained minister for more than thirty years and although my working life has changed very much in recent times, nevertheless the calling is still the same. Just different but still as important and relevant.