Positivity – Blog Entry 756


Welcome to my first blog entry of 2018, which means I’ve touched sixteen years as a blogger. When I posted the first one in July 2003, although I intended it as an ongoing journal, I guess I never really looked that far into the future as such. This is the 756th consecutive Saturday that I’ve published something.

Following the pattern of recent blog entries the heading is a song title, this time round it’s Positivity. Click the link to listen to it on Spotify. It’s my favourite Stevie Wonder track.

Whether at the start of a new year or at the end of it, having a positive mentality and outlook is vital if we are to get the best out of life. Negativity drains us but positivity motivates; you certainly accomplish more with the latter than the former, and that’s a fact.



I love to kick the New Year off with fishing and as I didn’t have a football game this time round, it meant I could pretty much spend the whole day out on the bank. I decided to set myself a New Year’s Day species challenge and you can see how I got on via the video below.

Taking the camcorder out on the first session of 2018, the edited footage came to just over ten minutes. For some time now my angling videos have been just a couple of minutes or so but I quite enjoyed putting a longer one together. I think I may go down that route this year.

If you like the video this time round why not share it on your social media timeline? There are share links if you watch it on YouTube. Thanks if you do and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel as well.

The Facebook post below is from New Year’s Day as I was transferring maggots from one container to another. I usually embed several Facebook posts into the blog entries. They’re relevant, part of the ongoing journey, look good and make it easier as it saves writing things out again.

As well as the sessions in the video I also managed another five during the week. Thus I kicked the year off with ten in total, and as I caught a gudgeon later on, it means I’ve banked six species so far in 2018.

The rod and reel set-up that you can see in the video goes by the name of Poachers Pocket. If you’re a regular reader of my blog then you’ll be familiar with it, if not use the search facility at the base of the page. The rig that I’ve used this week, again you’ll recognise if you drop by on a regular basis, but for those who may be checking in for the first time, that’s it below.

The Poachers Pocket set-up rig


Blog Of The Week

On the subject of blogs, this week it’s Perch Puddle in the spotlight. This one was suggested to me by Steve Ridd to add to the list of blogs that I’m assembling. It’s simple, straight to the point and, as the title suggests, mostly about perch.

If you’d like me to add a blog to the list then contact me at stewartbloor@outlook.com and I will gladly oblige. I enjoy writing and due to the clockwork regularity of an entry, I do get very good viewing figures during the course of a month. If I can add a few viewers to other anglers’ statistics as well then that’s great.


The Beautiful Game 

Football plays a big part in my life and not only am I am a lifelong fan of the beautiful game but I also work for the champions of Wales. As the Media & Communications Officer at The New Saints FC, I’m at lots of games during the course of the year.

One of the matchday duties that I have is presenting and commentating on TNS Radio. We broadcast at all games so why not tune in? You can always tweet us during the game using the hashtag #TNSRadio via the club’s Twitter account.

The link can be found on the club website where you can also check out the fixture list. If you’re an angler feel free to drop me a fishing-related tweet and I’ll gladly read it out, live on air. In fact I’d say most games I get something of a piscatorial nature in there.

My first match this year was the JD Welsh Premier League encounter at Maes Tegid, the home of Bala Town. We won 3-0 and that puts us nine points clear at the top, with twelve games to go. It’s looking good for another Champions League campaign in five months time, although like everyone else at the club I’m not getting carried away. Nothing has been won yet.