Ding Dong, Ding Dong – Blog Entry 755

Ding Dong, Ding Dong

As this is the last blog entry of 2017, I’ve chosen the George Harrison track as the title. The opening line of ‘Ring out the old, ring in the new’ is perfect as it says farewell to one year and welcomes in another. The album that the song is taken from is Dark Horse and you can listen to the track via Spotify by clicking the link below.

I’ve enjoyed the past year very much and I’m looking forward to 2018. Remember though, January 1 is just a date on a calendar. If we want change we have to do things differently. While it’s a good time to reflect and to look ahead, real change comes through a focused determination and desire.

I do wish every blessing upon you though, that whatever your experiences over the last twelve months have been, the next fifty-two weeks will be far better.


Mission Accomplished (Almost) On The Angling Front

I like goals, not for the purpose of legalistically ticking boxes but rather that they challenge and motivate. At the start of 2017 I set myself the target of 400 angling sessions. With my angling lifestyle changing quite considerably in the last few years it means I’ve been getting more short trips in. Some of them have been just a few minutes here and there but as I often say, as long as your bait’s in the water you’ve got a chance.

I’ve done considerable lure sessions and rather than see that style of fishing as a second-best, I’ve actually come to appreciate it very much. It’s become a first-choice as opposed to a make-do. In addition, my Poachers Pocket has also become a style of choice and it’s the latter that occupied my angling time this week.

The Poachers Pocket set-up rig

Above anything else it’s a way of travelling very light and because the rod is already set-up, you can be fishing within seconds of arriving at the water’s edge. You can see the rig set-up above. It’s an image I’ve used in recent blog entries but for the benefit of anyone visiting for the first time it’s included again. The more each blog entry becomes a self-contained piece the better in that respect.

As I’ve done since 2014, I also managed a short morning trip on Christmas Day. As you can see from the embedded post below, I caught three species. In addition, I share a few thoughts about fishing on December 25. It got quite a few ‘likes’ plus I shared it on my Facebook page as well where it picked up a few more.


Anyway, I managed my 400 for the year – or at least I will do when I get out tomorrow. This is published on a Saturday, which this year is December 30. I’ve done 398 so far,so just the two to go after church tomorrow and I’m sorted.



A Traditional Christmas Gift For My Wife



Although I watch a number of football games each week, I’m always keen on taking in new grounds. I’ve been feeding my GroundHopper gene this season and you can read all about that here. The 30th new ground of 2017/2018 was Everton’s Goodison Park and as you can see from the embedded post below, I went with the TNS FC manager.

The opportunity came courtesy of the club’s main sponsors RUKGroup, and in particular Neil Clarke, the managing director. Not able to use his season tickets for the Chelsea game he asked if anyone wanted them via an email. The bottom line was I ended up at the game with Scott Ruscoe. The world of football is very kind to me.


Read All About It

Staying with Scott Ruscoe, we were both interviewed by Barrie White, the Oswestry Advertizer’s chief reporter during the week. This was for a newspaper feature looking at what goes on over Christmas from the perspective of those working in football.

We had three games – at home against Aberystwyth Town and home and away versus Newtown AFC, so the festive season has been busy. It’s not a problem though, I love football and being in a position where I now make my living from the game is a privilege and honour.