What Christmas Means To Me – Blog Entry 754

What Christmas Means To Me

As we begin the countdown to the end of one year and the birth of another, this is the penultimate blog entry of 2017. As the Saturday publication date is the day before Christmas Eve, it’s a perfect opportunity to lead the entry with a Christmas song.

This week it’s one of my favourite Motown Christmas songs – Stevie Wonder’s That’s What Christmas Means To Me.  Click the link below to listen to it on Spotify. Did you know, by the way, that Jesus wasn’t born on December 25.

Anyway, enjoy this week’s update but above all have a great Christmas and don’t forget the real meaning. Behind the tinsel, turkey and trappings there is the message that, although it might not be the actual date of Christ’s birth, nevertheless it’s the event that is celebrated. And that, beyond all the other great stuff, is definitely what Christmas means to me.



Poachers Pocket

The content as far as feeding my piscatorial passion is concerned, falls this week to my Poachers Pocket set-up. With the water temperatures continuing to remain rock-bottom I again left my micro-jigging rod on the shelf, instead preferring a single maggot on a size 18 hook. The rig itself is below.



Of course, the going was tough this week but apart from enjoying being bankside anyway, I did catch. With snow still on the ground in places at the start of the week I even managed a few fish photos with a white background.

I wanted to do some ‘proper’ fishing, for want of a better word, but I’ve been really busy this week with other stuff. That’s where the travelling light style comes in really handy. It’s all about thinking – and of course fishing – outside the box.

I still make the effort to get out as much as I can though and the embedded post below explains why. My 10 very short sessions this week means I am now on 387 for the year. Will I hit my target of 400? All will be revealed next week.


Blog Of The Week

This week’s selected blog is Fishing Mum which is pretty much as the title implies, the ongoing blog of a mom and her son. It’s nice to see girls and young people enjoying angling, so when you get the two together that’s even better.

If you’re thinking of starting a blog yourself, here is a piece I wrote some years ago: Tips on writing an angling blog


A Visit To The Home Of The English FA

The world of football continues to take me to new and exciting places and I often wonder what’s next. Well, this week I headed to St. Georges’s Park, the National Football Centre of the English FA. I was there to cover an England Colleges FA v Independent Schools FA game that two of our players from The New Saints FC were involved in.

It was another one of those ‘If you had told me four years ago I’d be doing this I wouldn’t have believed you’ experiences. I’ve had so many of them and into my fourth full season now with the champions of Wales, I can honestly say that football has been very kind to me.

I even ended up in the Hilton hotel on the FA’s site after the game, writing the match report, uploading video interviews etc. Again that was something I would never have imagined prior to getting involved in the beautiful game. I’ve stayed in the Nicosia Hilton previously though, when TNS were in Cyprus playing in the Champions League.

For a Black Country lad who grew up looking forward to a week’s holiday in Rhyl every year, it’s certainly been an amazing journey. It wasn’t even something I was seeking, it just happened. That’s the thing with life, you never know what’s around the corner. I often wonder where my football-related travels will take me next.

Finally, the embedded social media posts this week are from my  Facebook account. If you’re on the platform yourself, feel free to add me. It’s a great way to connect with people.