Time Is Tight – Blog Entry 751

Time Is Tight 

It’s a saying I’ve used quite a lot in recent blog entries, so it’s only fitting that in this week’s update, which is focused on fishing on a tight time budget, that the headline – and song – is the Booker T & The MG’s classic. Ironically I’ve just bought an MG, but more of that in an upcoming entry, for now it’s more of the title rather than the artist.

Many anglers struggle with trying to fit some bank-time into their busy lives. Work, family and other commitments all compete for a slice of the time cake. We all have twenty four hours in a day but use it wisely and we can get out more than we realise. My sessions this week have all been very short. It’s all about making the most of every opportunity.



Poachers Pocket 

The Poachers Pocket set-up works really well for me

For the second week on the bounce I’ve been fishing with my Poachers Pocket set-up. You can check it out via the video below, but the practical aspect of it is that it meets the criteria of this week’s entry. It goes down to just a few inches, although I keep mine made up so it’s ready to go. At £40 for both the rod and reel, it’s been one of the best purchases I’ve made.

It fits in the boot easily enough, along with the rest of the gear, and I never take a chair with me when fishing with it. It has the feel of very-short-session about it so I approach every outing with that mentality. I haven’t had anything big on it like a carp or barbel and in all honesty it wasn’t made for that and I’m not targeting those anyway.

Use it for the right species though and it not only copes but also gives you a good fight, as even a small fish responds well. It’s all about a balanced gear to fish ratio. I did 10 sessions this week and banked gudgeon, perch and roach. Finally, as far as Poachers Pocket is concerned, although I’m not a grammar snob I am aware of the lack of apostrophe every time I type the words.



As effective as the Poachers Pocket in terms of making the most of every opportunity, but offering a different style, is lure fishing in general and for me this week, micro-jigging in particular. I use my Fox Rage rod and reel that also doubles up as a drop-shot set-up, in fact it’s the latter that it was designed for.

Braid on the reel and fluorocarbon hook length to a 2g jig head and a Konger 5.2cm rubber lure offers a simple approach as far as tackle is concerned, but above all it works. I did seven jigging sessions this week, which added to the Poachers Pocket trips makes it 352 so far for the year. I’m on track for the target of 400 I set myself for the year way back on January 1.

Wall to wall leaves on the canal


Blog Of the Week

This week’s shout-out goes to Lee Rudge and you can check out his blog HERE. The home page has a nice feel to it, not too cluttered. It’s bright and welcoming with photographs and links.

The Blog Of The Week feature is proving to be popular and I know from both feedback and site statistics that many fellow anglers are getting lots of hits. It’s all without condition as well. I’m adding blogs to the list regularly and there’s no ‘I’ll add me if you add me’ clause.

I get very good viewing figures on my site every week and I’m appreciative of that. I also know that many bloggers get discouraged because they get hardly any visitors. I put a fair amount of time each week into the blog entry but it’s always worthwhile knowing that there’s an audience out there.

If you’re writing just for yourself it is easy to wonder if your time can be used more effectively elsewhere. If you’re a blogger, why not proactively encourage others via your writing – if you’re not doing so already of course. We’re not in competition with each and I’m a firm believer that we reap what we sow. Promote others and we’ll get the benefit as well.


My Week On Social Media 

As always, here’s a selection of posts from my social media presence, in this instance my  Facebook account.