The Diary – Blog Entry 748


Perch Fishing On The Canal

Without going through my blog entries over the course of the year I’d say that the combination of species – perch – and venue – canal – have featured in more sessions than all the others put together.

Many have been jigging outings – and there’s more of that later – with a number of sit-down trips in there. With a few hours spare late morning, I loaded the car and headed for a canal to pursue my favourite fish.

Fishing with a quiver tip rod that is already made up, it was just a case of putting the two sections together, sticking a worm on the hook and casting out. In fact, as you can see from the video below, I didn’t even get chance to put any brown crumb or maggots out before I had the opening fish of the session.

I had a good outing, short but very sweet. Numerous perch found their way into the back of the landing net (I don’t always record every one on the video) plus a couple of bream.

The reel I fished with by the way is an Okuma Travertine. I’ve had it years, it was very cheap and it’s well-worn. Most importantly though, it does the business. Most of my tackle looks like it’s ready for the bin, I certainly put everything through its paces.



Lure Fishing For Perch 

It’s all about perch this week as far as the fishing is concerned. As well as the above session I managed 10 micro-jigging outings, all very short but that’s the point about making the most of the time I have available to me. I’ve produced a number of videos recently, check them out HERE.



Blog Of The Week

This week’s featured blog is THE FISHING VICAR which if you’re thinking is very close to The Angling Rev, then you’re correct. Close but not identical though as this one is Jon Barrett, a fellow man of the cloth and also a keen angler. Jon also founded the UK Christian Anglers, a group I am also a member of.

Jon has recently moved on from his church to take on a wider responsibility within his diocese (he’s an Anglican, but we won’t hold that against him). I’ve done something similar, albeit a longer journey over several years but into something totally different – the world of football – yet I’ve still hung on to my ministerial links.

I’ve got to know Jon well in the few years since we met and we almost got commissioned by the BBC for a series that would have been aired on BBC1 at prime time. Even though the production company was very positive about it all it didn’t quite make it. It was about fishing but with a faith twist.

The pilot trailer still exists though, check it out:

Back to the blogs though, check out those that begin with the letter T (where Jon’s resides) HERE and if you have one you’d like me to add then get in touch.


The Diary 

Continuing with the music-theme and staying with the broad soul music genre, this week it’s Little Anthony & The Imperials who provide the sound track for the heading. My blog is pretty much a diary, it’s usually quite personal in the sense that it reflects what I’ve been up to over a seven-day period. Mostly fishing but other stuff as well.


My Music

Following on from the above, one of the categories here on my website is called My Music. Check out the link to see what it’s all about but this last week I’ve added a number of albums to the collection. I am a fan of Spotify but you can’t beat good old-fashioned vinyl.


Social Media 

My job at The New Saints involves spending lots of time on social media. I’m also a keen user myself and below are selected posts from my personal Facebook account, my Facebook page and my Twitter account. Feel free to add, like or follow. Social media, when used correctly, is a great way to connect with people.





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