Boilies For Bream And Chub, Jigging For Perch And Pike, Tips On Blogging – Blog Entry 743

In this week’s blog entry:

  • Boilies for canal bream and chub
  • Jigging for perch and pike
  • Video – a short but successful session after perch and pike
  • Tips on blogging
  • My week on Facebook


Boilies For Canal Bream And Chub 

When you hear the word ‘boilies’ I’m sure that for the vast majority of anglers the fish that immediately springs to mind is the carp. Understandably so as well, as carp fishing is big these days and in many ways is dominant. I fish for them and I use boilies.

However, I also use the bait to target other species as well and that’s the main thrust of this week’s blog entry. Fishing the local canal I set-up with a quiver tip rod and a small 1/3 ounce lead. So far, it sounds pretty much like my standard approach when doing that type of fishing.

The business-end was a hair-rigged boilie. It was all scaled down though with the hooklength 6lb mono and a size 10 hook. The boilie was a 10mm M2 boilie. Although I’ve fished with many different types of boilies from the SBS stable, I find that the M1 and M2 continue to maintain their positions in with my favourites.

They were the first I used many years ago and they’ve never let me down. As we know, confidence plays a massive part in successful angling and I guess for most of us, whether bait, tackle or rigs, we have those things that we know we can rely on.

Setting up for my first session on the canal, I arrived late dusk. Prior to casting out I threw out a few handfuls of M2 pellets (I like the coordinated approach) followed by a few loose boilies. Always remember, you can put more bait out if needed but you can’t take it back once it’s there.

Boilies are for more than just carp

I caught two species of fish – bream and chub. The first caused the rod tip to nod several times indicating I had fish on, the latter pulled the rod round. I didn’t have a pod or support, after casting out I tightened up and laid the rod on the ground. You can’t take your eye off the rod and it’s certainly not the type of angling where you can have a natter with your friend in the next peg.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and was back for more of the same a day later. This time round I had just the one bream, although it was the biggest of the outings. I enjoy catching fish regardless of the size but of course, it’s always nice to catch something above average for the venue.


I’ve had a good week with the jigging rod


Jigging For Perch And Pike 

Always keen to get as much fishing in as possible I also did a number of other sessions. I have a set-up jigging rod that enables me to grab ten minutes here and half an hour there. As you can see from the embedded Facebook posts further on, I regularly fish on my way to The New Saints. Fortunately my work clothes are tracksuits and training gear so not quite the same as walking along the canal in a three-piece suit, white shirt and polished shoes.

Although I’m very busy in my work with the football club, I do manage to tick a few boxes that allow me to get out more than the average angler. Mostly it’s about thinking outside the box though. Do you have water near to where you work? Why not spend your lunch break with a lure rod after perch? Do that every day (as I would) and that’s twenty sessions a month that you’ve managed to squeeze in. They soon mount up.

I managed 11 jigging sessions this week, which added to the two sit-down trips to the canal means I end the blog entry with a total of 266 for the year so far. If you follow my blog regularly then you may remember at the start of the year that my target was to fish 400 times during 2017. I like setting personal goals as the challenge becomes a motivation.



Tips On Blogging 

I got into the world of blogging back in July 2003, when I published my first entry. At that time it wasn’t called a blog – I wasn’t aware of the term – but ‘Stewart Bloor’s Angling Journal’. The title gives away what it was dedicated to, and while angling still remains the main focus of my weekly entries, it’s widened to include other things that are going on in my life. Hence, football and nature to name just two that make it into the Saturday updates.

Since that first entry I’ve published one every week since. This is the 743rd consecutive Saturday and whilst I can’t say with absolute certainty, I’m pretty sure it stands a very good chance of being the longest running weekly-updated blog in the world.

I’m often asked for tips on blogging and a few years ago now I wrote a short piece on my website that you may find helpful. You can access it HERE.

I still enjoy blogging all these years later and I often comment that my blog is always a labour of love and never a burden. It has evolved over the years and no doubt will continue to do so into the future as well. It’s important to keep things fresh, whether from your own perspective or the presentation of the blog itself.


My Week On Facebook

A selected daily post from my page. You can access it HERE – why not give it a ‘Like’.









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