Roach On A Brook, Don’t Be Spoon-Fed – Blog Entry 742

My main session this week, albeit a very short one on a brook, was in pursuit of roach. I also caught a small gudgeon as well, as you can see from the featured video this time round.

I again fished with my Poachers Pocket set-up and to find out more use the search engine at the base of the page. Small enough to hide away safely in the car, it’s been the passport to lots more angling sessions as far as I’ve been concerned.

It’s made-up and ready to go, with the 4lb Maxima Chameleon line joined to a section of 2.5lb fluorocarbon for the hooklength. The hook was a size 18 Drennan Super Specialist and a 1/3 ounce lead, with the hooklength of six inches created by nipping on a small shot and a 5mm bead threaded above that.

As you can see from the video, the theme this week is ‘go and do some exploring’. I explain how I came across this particular brook, how I found it when out walking and went back and gave it a go.

The visit to the brook produced gudgeon and roach

Not only in angling but life in general, so many want to be spoon-fed instead of putting in the leg-work and getting out there. I recently came across a post on social media where an angler was posing with a nice fish and every single comment (there were half a dozen) was along the lines of ‘Where did you catch it from?’

I get this all the while, it’s the short-cut route that many want. However, the best questions to ask are along the lines of ‘You said you were fishing with bread. Why?’ or ‘You were casting twenty yards. Why not ten yards?’

You get the picture, by asking those type of questions you are getting into the mechanics of the other angler’s thinking. You’re building a picture of how, why and when as opposed to being put in a swim, told what bait to use and where to cast. You may catch but you don’t know why.

Another example that I come across regularly is when I post a picture of a fish and someone asks a question. I’ll reply that the answer is in the link that accompanies the image. This happens a lot, where people only read a headline, they don’t click and dig deeper.

Now of course, I’m not being critical, just pointing out that we need to work things through for ourselves instead of letting others do the work for us. The thinking and researching angler will always have the edge on the one who sits back like an overgrown cuckoo chick, mouth wide open, waiting to be fed information.

I also did a number of micro jigging outing this week as well, after perch. Ten in fact, meaning the blog takes me to 253 sessions for the year so far. Mostly very short but it’s better to get out for fifteen minutes than not at all.



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