Fishing On A Tight Time Budget, GroundHopping – Blog Entry 741

Fishing On A Tight Time Budget

We often refer to fishing on a tight financial budget and many anglers can relate to that. What about a tight time budget though, that’s something that most can identify with, I’m sure. The reality is that we have lives beyond the water’s edge and whether family, work or other demands on our time, fishing has lots of competitors as far as the clock is concerned.

Taking out a mortgage when I was eighteen, getting married early and starting a family straight away meant I was mortgage-free in my forties. I also classed myself as semi-retired. As my main passion in life is angling, that opened the door to lots of waterside indulgence, as indeed I had been doing for some years previously.

However, my life took on a new course just over three years ago when I got involved with the Welsh football champions, The New Saints. Turning up one evening for a game and ‘having a go’ on the brand-new radio show, little did I realise where that first step would take me. I’m not complaining, of course, but it has affected my angling.

The days when I could go off for a week at a time have now gone, in fact stopping out for the day is pretty much an occasional event. As a passionate angler, yes, it did take some getting used to. However, rather than cut back on fishing and put it on the back-burner until I do eventually retire – which I probably won’t anyway – I just re-visited my schedule.

Working on the basis that as long as your bait’s in the water you’ve got a chance, I now do lots of short sessions. Sometimes just a quarter of an hour, at least I’m fishing. As you can see in the accompanying video this week, the Poachers Pocket set-up has been the passport to getting more angling time in. Use the search engine at the base of the page to see just how effective it has been.

I used it on a couple of outings this week, both on a small brook. Again, search for previous sessions I’ve made there. Fishing with 4lb Maxima Chameleon and hooklength of 2.5lb to a size 18 Drennan Super Specialist, a 1/3 ounce lead held in place by a small shot and bead completed the simple, but effective set-up. Bait was a single red maggot and I fed loose maggots into the swims.

The brook was very kind to me this week

Another important weapon in my armory of short-session angling has been my micro-jigging set-up. Like the Poachers Pocket (I always feel there should be an apostrophe in there when I write it) I have it already made-up and ready to go. Within seconds of arriving at the water’s edge, I’m fishing.

On a tight time budget? Don’t give up on angling, just do what I did and think – and fish – outside the box. Although I’m not fishing for the length of time I used to, the number of sessions has gone up. This week I’ve managed ten in total, which puts me on 242 so far this year. Not bad, eh.




Last season I went to more than 100 football games. Obviously being at TNS helps as that contributes to thirty-two league fixtures alone. This time round though my challenge is to take in new venues, hence I’ve joined the world of the GroundHopper. This season so far I’ve been to twenty-one new grounds, ranging from the magnificent Estadio Algarve where I was on Champions League duty right through to FC Darlaston where the ‘bench’ was a few chairs alongside the touchline.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every game that I’ve been to. They’re not just ticks on a list either, I’m getting pleasure from each one. The last week has seen me at several games – some grounds I’ve been to before – with Vale Park and Villa Park added to the list, that prior to the season was just 101. My target is fifty new ones this time round. Plus I want to take in a few English top-flight grounds as I’d like to join the ’92 club’ in due course.

I have got a separate section on my website for GroundHopping and you can access that via the menu at the head of the page. There’s a short piece about my own interest plus a list of grounds I’ve been to and details of all the new ones this season, including a photograph image from each one.


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