Fishing On The Canal And The Upper Severn, Daily Diary – Blog entry 737


I had a very enjoyable session on the local canal with worm on a size 10 hook over maggots. I caught several perch, a small bream and a nice ruffe. I like the latter, they’re up there with my favourite species. I was legering and a small 1/3 ounce lead was sufficient. It is nice watching a float but my busy schedule means I find it more convenient to have a ready made leger rod at my disposal.

I also managed a short outing on the upper Severn. I was on my way to a football game at Caersws and dropped on the river where I caught grayling, small chub and minnow. This time I was fishing with my Poachers Pocket set-up but again legering. I had a small tub of groundbait with me and a few maggots.

I didn’t even get changed into ‘fishing clothes’ but sat on the bank in my TNS gear. I’d love to go back but even from The New Saints it was a bit of a trek.

Finally, I managed a number of micro-jigging sessions as well, with perch on the bank. As always, great fun.

Three species from the canal, including an impressive ruffe

And now for something completely different as far as my blog is concerned…


Saturday August 19 2017 – The Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Men

Up at first light for a fishing session on the local canal, the car was loaded and I was ready to go. All I needed to do was put the key in the ignition but that’s where it all went wrong. The battery had died.

I’m currently driving a Perodua and if you’ve never heard of one, I hadn’t either before I got this car. I figured I’d be a few days without it as I’d be waiting for the garage to get me a battery.

Anyway, I gave them a call and can you believe it, they had just one in stock. I got the AA to get me going and in no time at all I was back on the road.

Life’s provision is often just what you need. I only wanted one battery, not ten.

It also meant I was able to get to Park Hall for TNS’ JD Welsh Premier League game against Bala Town. On air with TNS Radio, it was a 3-0 win as we look to retain our league title.


Sunday August 20 2017 – Something Has To Die Before You Move On 

My faith is important to me and although I’m now working for TNS, a professional football club, I’ve been able to keep my ministerial credentials. The fellowship I’m the pastor of, Tipton Family Church, has just a Sunday morning service at present and that works out perfectly.

I took the meering and preached on the story of Terah and his family -including Abram – leaving Ur of the Chaldees on their way to Canaan, the promised land. But when they reached Haran, they settled there. Maybe it was nice, a comfortable place to live or perhaps the journey was tough.

We don’t know but what we do know is that it wasn’t Canaan. It was only when Terah died that Abram was able to move on. Often in our life we are being held back by something. It might be worry, jealousy, a bad attitude, it could be a number of things.

If we want to enter our promised land, we need these things to die. Haran might be nice but it’s not Canaan. Second best will always be that, second best.


Monday August 21 2017 – Something Has To Die, Part Two 

I read the Bible daily, courtesy of the YouVersion app on my iPad. Today’s reading was about Joshua leading the people into the promised land, but only after the death of Moses.

I don’t believe in coincidences, certainly not as far as these things are concerned. What has to die in your life before you can move on? What has to die in mine before I can possess better things?

It doesn’t matter where we are in life, there’s always more to take hold of. The moment we feel that we’ve reached the destination, that’s when we’ve lost it. Life is a journey. I feel I’ve had a great life, the journey has been kind. It’s still very much an ongoing one though. In fact it always will be.


Tuesday August 22 2017 – GroundHopping And A Red Kite

My football adventures took me into the heart of mid-Wales. With two TNS players on loan, one at Caersws FC and the other at Guilsfield FC, the Huws Gray Cymru Alliance fixture between the sides was an ideal opportunity to catch up with them and cover the game from a TNS perspective.

It also meant I was able to add a new ground to my list, making it 112 in total, with 12 new ones this season and 28 Welsh overall. Check out my GroundHopping page HERE

I also did some fishing on the way, that’s above in the fishing section. While on the river bank I saw a red kite in flight. Always great to see, I remember when they were real rarities. Now, whenever I’m in Montgomeryshire, where I saw this bird, it’s unusual not to see one.

An enjoyable visit to the upper Severn


Wednesday August 23 2017 – GroundHopping And A Red Kite, Part Two 

Another new ground, this time St Mary’s, the home of Southampton (in the lead photo, along with Caersws. Another long day but worth it as Wolves registered a 2-0 win even with eleven changes from Saturday’s game. I left home at 1.45 pm and returned in the early hours.

Always alert to the natural world, I spotted a red kite in Berkshire.


Thursday August 24 2017 – Flexibility Is the Name Of the Game 

What I like about my job with The New Saints is the flexibility it brings and today I worked from home. That’s the great thing about the internet, it allows you to keep in touch even when you are some distance away. It’s a 100+ mile round-trip for me to and from Park Hall but it’s never a burden.


Friday August 25 2017 – A Trip To The South Coast 

For most people a visit to the south coast means Bournemouth or Brighton. For me, it was Barry, and to be precise, Barry Town United. Although it’s not a new ground I still enjoyed the visit – especially as The New Saints won 1-0. Leaving home at 11.00 am in the morning it was 3.30 am the next day before I got back. Now that’s what you call a long day. I’m not complaining though, far from it. It’s a pleasure to work in the world of professional football.


  1. Hello Gordon, thanks. My faith is very important to me. Go to the search engine at the base of the page and type in Poachers Pocket. It’s a mini telescopic rod and reel set-up.

  2. Hi, love the Blog…especially faith references…resonates with me. Intrigued by your mention of “Poachers Pocket set-up”…what is this…as an 83-year-old I’m alway looking for easy way to go fishing.

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