Brown Trout, Grayling, Minnow, Perch, My first Eisteddfod – Blog entry 735

Hello and welcome to my blog site. This is the 735th consecutive Saturday that I’ve published an entry, although it’s always been a labour of love, never a burden. You can subscribe to the weekly updates via the link at the bottom of the page.

Brown Trout, Grayling, Minnow, Perch

Making the most of every opportunity – that’s how I would describe my approach to angling these days. Often it’s about weaving a session in with something else, and that’s exactly what I did on the opening outing this week.

I was up bright and early for a drive to Newtown in mid-Wales for a Welsh Premier League Toolkit day, which involved photography and interviews as the start of the new season loomed on the horizon.

Once the TNS slot had been completed and our manager, photographer and three players had all departed, I stayed behind to write and publish a piece for the club website.

Then, once my tasks were sorted, I hit the open road destined for a small river (undisclosed venue) that was on my to-do list. A quick change into some fishing clothes and I was bankside, ready to go.

This is where my Poachers Pocket telescopic rod and mini reel set-up comes into its own. The last thing you want to be doing is leaving gear on display in your car. Even in a ‘nice’ area, all it takes is one rogue and your window’s smashed and your gear is gone.

I thoroughly enjoyed the couple of hours or so I had on the river. Small and very intimate, quiet and careful were the keywords. I ended with several fish, with brown trout, grayling and minnow the three species banked. I was fishing a small lead (1/3 ounce) and a two maggots on a size 14 hook.

An enjoyable session on the small river

As the river was normal summer level I was able to feed loose maggots on the bends, where of course, the deeper water is. I was hoping to see a dipper but none put in an appearance. I did see a small copper butterfly though which, as I was able to get up close and personal with it as I approached the river, was a great start.

The other seven outings were all jigging sessions for perch. I’ve documented my approach etc many times in recent blog entries, so no need to elaborate here other than to say I enjoyed every one even though I caught nothing big.


My First Eisteddfod

My first Eisteddfod

I was back on Anglesey this week, or should I say Ynys Môn, as I was not only there for the launch of the new Welsh Premier League season but it was at the Eisteddfod. I’m loving my involvement with The New Saints from the perspective of the Welsh connection. I have heritage on both sides of my family, with my maternal side as recent as my grandmother.

I’ve even been learning Welsh for some time now, and although it is a difficult language to grasp, nevertheless I’m moving on steadily. I probably watch more S4C these days than any other channel, with Cyw being my favourite. I can follow children’s programmes much more than fast-speaking and complicated adult ones.





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