Three Species Jigging, GroundHopping, Leicester City, Liverpool – Blog entry 734

Although the alarm was set for an early rise, I was up naturally well before the intended 6.30 am start. In fact by then I was on the bank fishing and had already landed my first one. I can’t say in the net, as it was just a small perch, but the initial fish is always special because it means you’re not a blanker.

On the Staffs/Worcs Canal for the opening session this week, it’s always great to get out before the world starts to stir. I saw a kestrel perched by the side of the road on the journey to the venue and while I was there, three ravens flew overhead.

I’ve said it before, and no doubt will do so again many times in the future, that angling is the perfect platform from which to view the natural world. I’m keen on the big picture of British nature, not just birds but butterflies, trees, insects, flowers, in fact, the whole lot.

Back to the fishing though, I was jigging again. I use the word ‘again’ because it has filled up so much of my angling in recent months. Not only is it a great way to make the most of limited time but it’s also a method I use by choice.

Three species in the first outing of the week

On this occasion I did have more time ahead of me but I chose to get the lure rod out once more. Fishing with a 2g jig-head and a small rubber lure, as well as perch I also caught a chub and a bream. The latter is the second I’ve had in recent weeks on the canal while jigging. Most anglers would probably be surprised to think of a bream taking a lure, but in reality all fish are predators, just some more so than others.

Following the enjoyable time on the canal, I dropped off on a lake on the way home. I didn’t spend too long on there, just fifteen minutes,  but I had zero interest. No plucks, no follow-throughs and of course, no fish. That’s angling for you though, especially when you are making a flying visit, you won’t always catch. But at least your bait was in the water so you had a chance.

The third session was another quickie, back on the lake. This time I caught perch and also had a small pike on although that threw the hook as I brought it in. You can see the action from that session via the short video above, where I also run through the tackle that I fished with. My blogs are very much anecdotal in style, but I do like to weave more technical things in as well.

Sessions four and five were the slices of bread on a Leicester City sandwich. At the training ground of the English Premier League side during the day, I managed a few minutes before and after on a canal. Not much just small perch providing the action, which is better than nothing. With nothing standing out for particular mention, just small perch, I crossed the line for the week on nine outings.



The GroundHopping continues this week with the following new venues (embedded Facebook posts below) added to the list. Firstly, I drove past Molineux, and Wolves v Leicester City, to visit Brinsford Stadium. This season it’s all about new grounds and games that I choose to go to which, as opposed to when I’m working with TNS, will mostly be new ticks.

Having mentioned Leicester, ironically it was a trip there on Wednesday that caused me to miss a game in Wales, as Waterloo Rovers v Trewern was affected (for me personally) by heavy traffic on the way back from the English Premier League side’s training ground. I saw a game though, as TNS took on the hosts in a behind-closed-doors friendly, but I’ve been there before so it’s not an addition to the list.

Then on Friday, another English top-flight fixture as we visited the Liverpool U23s set-up at Kirkby for another behind-closed-doors friendly. This time it was a new venue, as you can see below.


You can check out my GroundHopping blog HERE






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