Micro-Jigging For Perch, Ground-Hopping, My Music – Blog Entry 733

I kicked my angling week off on Sunday with an early start micro-jigging for perch. The alarm was set for 6.30 am but I woke an hour before then so got up anyway. I headed for the Staffs/Worcs Canal and as we’re now in the school holiday period with increased boat traffic, I did wonder about the water clarity.

As the method is very much about bait visibility, the clearer the water the more confident I was going to be. I was pleasantly surprised to find it was much better than expected. My confidence was rewarded, as I caught, and looking to get a second session in, I dropped off on a lake on the way home.

The water there is gin-clear, which is perfect for micro-jigging. With a 1g jig-head and a 2″ Berkley minnow, the more the lure stands out the better. It’s a great feeling when a perch (or any fish for that matter) hits the rubber on the retrieve. Again I experienced that.

With church in between, I was back out later in the day on the lake and again I caught. You can see a selection of the fish below, plus the lily-fringed stillwater and the canal with reeds and dense tree cover alongside it.

I did have a decent perch on in the third outing as well, just for a few seconds before it shed the hook. I saw it in the water as it shot from the  cover of the lilies to intercept the lure. Just as quickly as it appeared though, it was gone.

Three sessions in one day

I ended the week with eight sessions – all short but very sweet. For the last couple, on the gin-clear lake, I decided to switch to a slightly bigger lure. Although just a 2g jig-head, it is a noticeable step-up and the action of the bait was much improved.

Although I didn’t get anywhere near as much action, it was definitely a case of quality over quantity. After lots of catching small perch – which I enjoy by the way – it’s nice to get some decent fish on the bank. I also enjoy lure fishing and although I bang the drum a lot, it’s the perfect way to get more fishing in when time is tight.


The world of the Ground-Hopper 

I’ve added two new grounds to my list this week, both in Shropshire. You can check out the full list via the link at the head of the page or by clicking HERE The embedded Facebook page posts below give the details.



My Music

I’ve always been a follower of soul music, and in particular, anything from the Tamla Motown stable. Well, having grown up with vinyl and after the introduction of the CD and now streaming, I thought those days were confined to the memory bank. Not so though, and you can read why via the newly added link at the head of the page or by going direct HERE

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