Micro-Jigging For Perch, Champions League Football, Ground-Hopping – Blog Entry 732

In this week’s blog entry:

  • Micro-Jigging For Perch
  • The highs and lows of the Champions League
  • Ground-Hopping: Manchester City, Rangers, Estadio Algarve, Stadion HNK Rijeka


Micro-Jigging For Perch

Although I did some fishing while in Croatia last week, I was still pretty keen on getting out again on my return. My plan was to go on the local canal micro-jigging, on the evening I got back. However, a journey from Heathrow to Park Hall (the home of The New Saints) plus a Shropshire Senior Cup game that I had only just found out about and decided to cover, meant that by the time I got home it was pushing midnight.

The next day though, on the way back from the ground, I stopped off at the Montgomery Canal. I only had a short visit but I managed to get among the fish, albeit just small ones. With the right set-up though, even a tiny perch puts up a fight and proper bend in the rod. That’s the key for any type of fishing really – balanced tackle.

Although the week has been very busy, I’ve still managed seven outings. All short I must add, but that’s the beauty of micro-jigging – or lure fishing in general. You don’t need to necessarily have lots of time. It’s all about making the most of every opportunity.


The highs and lows of the Champions League 

TNS went out of the competition, losing 1-5 at home to the Croatian champions. I did the TV commentary though. The highs and the lows indeed.


Ground-Hopping #101 #102 #103 #104

I recently decided to work through the grounds that I’ve been to over the years. Now I’ve compiled a list the next step is to add to it. Read all about it HERE

As you can see from the four new additions this season, there’s some real quality in there.



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