Tench Fishing In Shropshire, Micro-Jigging For Perch, Champions League… And More – Blog Entry 729

In this week’s blog entry:

  • Tench Fishing In Shropshire
  • Blog Popularity And Back To Where It All Began
  • Micro-Jigging For Perch
  • Champions League
  • Pride Comes Before A Fall


Tench Fishing In Shropshire

On a lovely sunny afternoon, I made my way into the county of Shropshire for a few hours after old red eyes, as the tench is affectionately known. Fishing legered corn, I had three fish and a hook-pull. I would have definitely had more on the bank though had it not been for the fact that I decided to film the session.

The reality is that when you are solo and trying to capture your angling on camera, some types of sessions are definitely a case of compromising fish on the bank. That’s why there hasn’t been a video in with the blog entry for a few weeks.

My tip is if you like making videos – as I do – that’s ok, but just be careful that it doesn’t become more about producing films than it does about enjoying your angling. Unless you want that, of course. I don’t and that’s why it’s fine sometimes, like this week, but mostly I want to concentrate on the fishing and not a camcorder.

You can watch the session via the video below. The venue I fished is the Big Pool at Dudmaston on the Kinver Freeliners ticket. It’s a private, members-only lake, with no day-tickets available on the bank. You can find out more about joining the club via the website HERE.

I also recorded a Facebook Live video while I was at the venue and you can watch that below. All of the embedded Facebook posts in my blog entries from now on are from my page. Why not give it a ‘like’? You can do so by clicking HERE or by searching for @TheAnglingRev on Facebook.


Blog Popularity And Back To Where It All Began


Micro-jigging for perch 


Champions League


Pride Comes Before A Fall