Chub, Perch, Roach And Rudd, Football And Fishing In Scotland – Blog entry 728

A mixed bag of fish on the bank

In the week leading up to the start of the river season, I had a number of sessions on Staffordshire and Shropshire stillwaters, with both sit-down and lure outings involved. The latter were micro-jigging, which is my favourite at the moment. That’s pretty much how my angling rolls, it’s all about whatever I fancy doing at the time.

It’s also one of the reasons why I fish alone. I prefer the flexibility that comes with doing your own thing. I can go when I like, return when I want to, fish whatever peg I fancy and even change venue on the way there.

The sit-down sessions in Shropshire were very enjoyable and I banked a number of perch, roach and rudd. Nothing massive but really nice to catch and that’s what angling is all about – fun.


I fished with worm on a size 10 hook in pursuit of perch so the roach and rudd caught were all reasonable. The pond was about ten feet deep in the margins, but with only a certain amount of time I tackled it with a made-up leger rod.

It is nice watching a float but practically it makes sense for me to go for the leger set-up. Anyway I quite like watching a tip and again, if you enjoy something then just go for it. Without wishing to get side-tracked there are too many in the angling world who try to dictate to others about what they should and shouldn’t be doing. Like life in general really.

The micro-jigging was on a clear lake in Staffordshire. That’s the key really, finding clear water. A tiny two-inch Berkley minnow has more chance of being seen in crystal-clear water than it does in a murky canal. My catch rates confirm this.

Then of course, there was June 16 itself. A busy week of work continued and I was back at Park Hall, the home of The New Saints FC on the Friday. However, I also took some gear with me, and following the working day, I headed to the upper Severn.

It’s always great to get out on the river after a three-month break and this year was the same. After chub, nothing big but really nice to be back on flowing water again. My first fish of the new season was a small Welsh chub. Da iawn indeed, which means very good!


A week of football – and some fishing – north of the border

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