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Want to get more sessions on the bank? Read on

You often hear anglers bemoaning that they don’t get out as often as they would like to. Rather than yield to on-the-surface circumstances though, what we need to do is dig deeper and think outside the box. Having taken out my mortgage when I was 18, married and started a family at an early age, I found myself in the position in my mid-forties where I had a very relaxed semi-retired lifestyle.

The big winner was my angling, and in 2013 I set out to complete what was the only bucket-list tick that I had in my life – to go fishing every day during a year. Even if only for a short time, as long as I could cast a line, I wanted to make sure that each 24-hour period was covered by an angling session. As it happened, just a short time in, we had very heavy snowfall and I was unable to get out of the street where I live.

However, a year later I was back and this time able to complete what to this day is the pinnacle of my personal angling achievements – out bank-side every day of the year. The timing was perfect, because as the 2014 / 2015 football season began, I found myself involved with The New Saints FC, the champions of Wales. Well, if you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ll know where that journey has taken me.

Back to the fishing though, I have had to review and revisit my angling lifestyle. The days of the long hours (up to a week) spent by the water’s edge are now few and far between. However, what I’ve lost in quantity I’ve been determined to make up in quality. The vast majority of my outings now are very short and that’s where lure fishing (in my case, drop-shotting, micro-jigging and spinner) comes in very handy.

The rod is already made up, you travel very light and the moment you arrive at the bank you are fishing within seconds. You put the rod together and cast out. Even the sit-down sessions are the same, with travelling light the key. What I’ve also done is push myself even harder. Numerous time I’ve had a really long day, covered hundreds of miles on the road, but still managed to get a short outing in.

This week’s angling encapsulates the principles above, where in a very busy week I managed seven visits to a canal and lake. When you add the total time fishing it’s less than someone who goes out for his weekly day’s angling. I did very well though with lots of perch, pike, ruffe plus a bream caught on a micro-jig 2 inch Berkley minnow set-up.

Four species on the bank this week

The two ruffe I caught were quite decent. Fishing with worm on a size 10 hook, I knew what the bites were as soon as the rod tip started to move. I do like the species, and as I have located areas where they are found in decent numbers, I actually target them. Although not rare, they aren’t widespread and numerous, so to bank one when you set out to catch it brings a lot of personal satisfaction.

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