Bream, Tench, Perch, Pike / Football Memorabilia / Tyler, My New Grandson – Blog Entry 725

Fishing – A Mixed Bag 

With the gear in the car, I stopped off on a small pond in Shropshire on my way back home from a day at The New Saints FC. I recorded a video while there and you can watch that below. Thankfully I missed it, other than the peripheral downpour, but there was a thunderstorm passing. I have never heard such prolonged thunder, normally it’s just a short burst and then some lightning, but this time it went on and on. You do have to be very careful when lightning is around, but as I just had the heavy rain, that was no problem.

The rest of the week was taken up with jigging and although I’ve been using the prefix ‘mini’, with a 1g jig-head it would be more accurate to use the term ‘micro’. However you want to describe it though, I’ve been having great fun, and that’s what angling is all about. With perch, pike and a solitary bream on the bank, I’ve also been getting among the fish as well.

Although we tend to think of the latter as non-predatory, in reality all species are happy to add other fish to their diet. Although they have small mouths compared to chub, perch and pike, fishing with a 2” (less than 1cm) rubber Berkley minnow means I am widening the net, so to speak, in terms of catching variety. If you’ve never tried any jigging, I’d recommend it. Last week’s video took a look at the tackle and approach, so check that out.

Some fish from this week’s sessions

This week’s blog entry sees me reach 135 sessions so far this year. The vast majority have been short – and that’s where the likes of jigging comes in handy – but as long as your bait’s in the water, you’ve got a chance. A lot of my outings are grabbing half an hour here or twenty minutes there, but as long as I can get out, even if it’s just for a flying visit, I’m happy.



Football Memorabilia Collection

With pre-season in full swing at The New Saints, I am now officially into my fourth full season at the club. In the early days I gathered items such as team sheets and press passes that I didn’t have the desire to throw away. Without realising it, I was building a football memorabilia collection, the difference being compared to what most people amass, this was very personal. Every item means something, it’s been part of the journey.

I’ve started logging everything and sharing the story behind it. There is a dedicated page here on my website that you can find by CLICKING HERE. There’s an introductory video and then the various categories, which at this moment in time are the three previous seasons. To give you an idea of what the posts are like, below is the memorabilia collected when I went to the FA Ireland.



Tyler, My New Grandson

I’ve been really blessed this last week with the birth of my grandson, Tyler. I’ve got two daughters, a granddaughter and now a grandson. The tribe is growing!