Mini-Jigging Pike And Perch, FAW / WPL, Pearl Wedding Anniversary – Blog Entry 724

Mini-Jigging – Pike And Perch

I’ve done a number of mini-jigging sessions this year and have been promising to capture something on video. Well, this week the promise materialises and you can check out one of the outings via the video below. It’s a venue, with perch as my target, where I’ve caught very few pike.  This time round though the latter were more numerous than the former. Although I use a fluorocarbon leader I’ve never had issues with a bite-off. This is the dilemma that you have in this type of situation.

Do you go for a wire trace, just in case you get a pike. Then if you do and it’s a big one, you could end up with a break above the wire. So do you fish with pike-strength gear, which is far too heavy. When it’s just a small single hook I fish as I did. When spinning though, with three trebles, I go for the wire option. Remember, fluorocarbon leaders are used in certain types of pike fishing anyway.

As there does appear to be a mini-pike explosion though on the venue in question,  I will be looking at going for the wire trace option in the future. The venues I normally lure fish for perch contain very few pike and so there are usually no issues.

I did other sessions during the week and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Mini-jigging, like lure fishing in general, offers the opportunity to get out and about a lot more, making the most of limited time. When I arrived on the lake a carp angler turned up. By the time he had finally got himself set up and cast out, I was on the way back to the car. I know it’s a totally different ball game but I’m just illustrating how flexibility works for me in terms of getting lots of sessions in.


FAW / Welsh Premier League Dinner

This week I was down near Newport at the annual end-of-season dinner. It’s been a pleasure not only to be involved with the champions TNS, but also to fly the flag for domestic Welsh football over the last three seasons.


Pearl Wedding Anniversary

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? Well, this week I celebrated thirty years of marriage to my wife and soulmate, Debby. I love her. She lets me go fishing whenever I like, what is there not to love?