Shropshire Pool Fishing, Football Memorabilia, English FA, Southampton FC – Blog Entry 723

Welcome To Blog Entry 723

I published my first every blog on July 5 2003. Although I’d been giving it some thought for a while, so it was hardly an impulsive decision, nevertheless I didn’t realise where the journey would take me. This week’s is the 723rd consecutive Saturday that I’ve published an entry. As you can see, as well as text there are videos and embedded Facebook posts. I’ve been doing the former for some years and the latter are good as it makes it easier to update the weekly blog and avoids the need to write the same things out again.



Following my sea fishing last week – which I thoroughly enjoyed – it was back to the bread-and-butter of the local canal system this time round. It has been tough and I can only put that down to the fact that the fish are now focused on spawning. I didn’t even caught a canal perch this time round, although I did get a few from a pond in Shropshire. You can check out that session via the video below. Even when it’s hard going though I’ve still caught and I’ve never had a fish-less blog entry yet.


Online Football Memorabilia Museum

Like the majority of football fans, I’ve gathered various memorabilia items over the years. Being involved in the world of the beautiful game though over the last three seasons has seen a whole new collection develop. It’s all very personal and every item carries a story. I have decided to log everything and put it all together in one place on my website. Welcome to my Online Football Memorabilia Museum.


English FA



The New Saints v Southampton Academy U-17s