Canal Fishing, Birds, The New Saints FC – Blog entry 720

Although I’ve published a blog entry every single Saturday since July 2003, the format has changed over time, especially once I opened a YouTube channel and started making films. Although I’ve had times when they haven’t been part of the blog, mostly there has been some moving action to accompany the words. The latest evolution sees it becoming more video-focused and YouTube-based. The new channel trailer below explains it in more detail.

On the canal, the first bank-side video of the blog entry can be viewed below. It also features my passport to more angling sessions – the Poachers Pocket set-up.

As you can see in the video, I came across a common sandpiper in migration on the canal. As part of the expansion of my YouTube channel, there’s a separate film for that.

The Poachers Pocket again features in the next video. Again on the canal, each blog entry tends to be focused in terms of venue, tactics and so on.

The natural world is included once more, in the final video this week. On the canal for a short session up to dark, I watched a pair of grey wagtails at a nesting site. They had young and were busy gathering insects to feed them. It goes without saying, never disturb birds, but these were captured due to the zoom of the camcorder across the canal.

Finally, I had a good Saturday on the football-front. First of all I was at Park Hall presenting the TNS Academy 2016 / 2017 awards. Then from there, it was straight to Bala Town for the final Welsh Premier League game of the season. This weekend is the final game of the season, the Welsh Cup final.