Trapped Nerve / Gravel Pit Bream / 100 Games Football Challenge (Blog entry 718)

I’m blessed with very good health, and so having a trapped nerve for the last couple of weeks has been something I’m not used to, in the sense that it’s affected my very active lifestyle. I’ve managed to keep up the work side of things, but with a three-hour round-trip every time I visit Park Hall, the home of TNS, some of the journeys have been painful ones indeed.

With fishing being 100% pleasure though, that has been the one area that I have had to lay on the sacrificial altar. For anyone who knows me personally, to almost put angling on the back-burner, that means I really am in pain. I’ve had a session with the TNS physio, been taking anti-inflammatory tablets and doing exercises, so I’m hoping that the corner is about to be turned.

This week though I am reporting on just one session. Although my blog entries are nearly always in chronological order, this one isn’t. The outing, on a gravel pit, was just before my trapped nerve kicked in. I was hoping to add a couple more over the space of a fortnight and put them in one entry. As that hasn’t happened though, I’m dedicating this week’s to the single overnighter.

I thoroughly enjoyed it though and you can check it out via the embedded video. I was hoping to cover rig and bait in other sessions but that obviously didn’t happen. I fished a standard pop-up rig, with SBS cranberry boilies the bait of choice. It was a peg that I have fished before – and caught decent fish from – so as I cast out for the night I was confident.

The fish came early on in the session, that’s the way it is sometimes. At least I caught though and when you’re after bigger bream, that’s always a big plus. They are often elusive creatures. My work with TNS requires flexibility and it was while I was pitched-up for the night that I had a message that meant I had to leave earlier than expected in the morning, as I needed to be in the north of England the next day.

Not that I’m complaining though, far from it. Packing my gear away with large patches of bream feeding-bubbles in the area merely made me even more determined to return. Unfortunately, that wasn’t to be as quickly as I had hoped. I will return though, once I’m on track. In fact I’m looking forward very much to getting back on the overnighter trail.

My other main passion in life is the beautiful game, and I’m very blessed to be working full-time in the world of professional football. I’m on a personal mission this season to take in 100 games. How am I doing? Well, check out the list of games I’ve been to at the head of the page (or via the menu, also at the top, depending on what device you’re on while reading this). They’re all in there, from a celebrity friendly involving soap stars to Champions League matches.

The embedded Facebook posts below are all from the last week. In many ways, my account is like an extension of my blog. I don’t use it for personal stuff (some people give out way too much information on there) and all my posts are set to ‘public’ anyway. We all – assuming we’re on Facebook of course – use it for different things. Mine is just like this blog, it’s all out there in the public domain. Nothing to hide. Feel free, to send me a friend request, everyone is added. Other than the scam accounts of course, but that’s another thing.