Gudgeon, ruffe and perch from the canal

My fishing this week has been exclusively on the canal network, divided between short micro-jigging outings and a longer sit-down session. As you can see from the video, I was hoping to do more of the latter, unfortunately I’ve been out of action. It all started when I woke one morning with what I thought was just a stiff shoulder that I’d shake off once up and about. However, it got worse and I’ve been in agony – and I still am actually. I’ve been pushing on with other things but as fishing is a luxury, it’s on the back-burner at the moment. Hopefully not too long though!

The video was filmed in the aforementioned longer outing. Check it out below, as well as gudgeon, ruffe and perch on the bank, I show my rig set-up to the camera. As you can see, it’s simple and straightforward. Why complicate things, especially when there’s no need to. Finally, as far as angling is concerned don’t forget it is now the close season for flowing water (depending on where you live, of course) plus certain other individual venues. If you’re a casual angler make sure you do your homework beforehand if you’re not sure. In addition, from April 1 you will need to have a current EA rod licence.


Aston Villa’s Bodymoor Heath training ground

My adventures with The New Saints FC took me to Aston Villa this week, as the clubs played a behind-closed-doors friendly. I was there covering the game for TNS media via Twitter, Facebook and a website article but managed to do a short Facebook Live video on my own personal account. You can watch that below, with a selection of photographs following.

As a genuine football fan, I love the different places that I visit with the champions of Wales. I’ve been to both Everton, Leicester City and Middlesbrough on these type of friendlies so far with the club. I’m just waiting for a trip to Wolverhampton Wanderers to appear on the radar. Friendly or otherwise, it would definitely be my favourite fixture.



Guinness World Records Facebook Live 

If you’ve been following my blog over a period of time then you’ll know that TNS made its way into the Guinness World Records recently, by winning 27 consecutive games. The previous record of 26 was held by none other than Johan Cruyff’s Ajax, way back in 1972.

As part of their extensive coverage, the GWR Facebook Live team of Paul and Ollie visited Park Hall this week prior to the gap Connah’s Quay game. I ended up on it from start to finish, which was a great honour and privilege. I keep wondering where the journey will take me next and even now I am still genuinely amazed and gobsmacked when things like this happen.


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