As with so many of my blog entries this year, this week’s consists of several short sessions. I’ve written about it so many times, but it’s a drum worth beating as far as I’m concerned – grabbing what you can, when you can, is the key to a fulfilled angling life.

I’ve been doing a lot of micro-jigging as well in recent weeks and that was also the case this time round. Fishing with a tiny rubber imitation fish and a 1g jig-head, it’s finesse angling, to put it mildly.

It’s not for the heavy-handed but gentleness goes out the window the moment that a fish takes the lure. I love the thrill of the initial resistance, then when the predator realises that it’s been trapped, the fight begins.

As well as the shorter active outings, I also managed a couple of longer sit-down sessions, both on the canal. There was a time when I used to wish the close-season away, willing the rivers to open again.

Now though, it’s not an issue. At least I’m fishing, plus in many ways the canals have become the new rivers as far as my own angling is concerned. Part of that is due to limited time and the fact that I have the former on my doorstep, so to speak, while the latter are some distance away.

If you’ve only got an hour to spare and the river is a ninety-minute round-trip, then logically, if you want to get out then you have to look closer to home to satisfy your piscatorial cravings.

Fishing with a single red maggot on a size 18 hook, in with the perch, gudgeon and chub I caught some really nice ruffe. I do like them, and while they are not rare, they’re certainly not as common a catch as many other species.

I actually target them as well. There can’t be many of us who do that, I would imagine the Ruffe Anglers’ Specimen Group wouldn’t exactly be inundated with members. In fact I could well be not only the holder of every office but also the sole member.

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I was very honoured during the week to host Oswestry’s Got talent. Here are a few photographs, from a personal perspective.