When I look back over my angling year I find that it moves along in seasons. It may be species, venues or methods, but rather than going from one thing to another in consecutive outings, I tend to cover things in blocks. They may last for a week or longer but there is a definite pattern. For the last week or so I’ve been doing a lot of mini jig head fishing for perch. I’ve been successful as well, having banked a few fish along the way.

I’ll do a video in due course, while I’m out and about, but in the meantime it will be the written word that describes my adventures. I’ve been going really light, in fact a 1g mini jig is very light indeed. Combined with a small Berkley minnow, it is finesse fishing at its best. Whether chucking a 6oz lead out to the horizon with a sturdy beachcaster or gently working a tiny lure in the canal, it’s all fishing and it’s all good.

In fact, as far as the sea fishing is concerned, I’ve yet to get out and about in 2017. In the last few years, my wife and I have had 3 and sometimes 4 holidays a year. With the kids grown up and fled the nest, the mortgage paid off and a semi-retired lifestyle, we could take vacations whenever we wanted. However, since my involvement with The New Saints FC has developed, it looks like that is a thing of the past.

I’m determined though to not let saltwater fishing slip through my fingers. Just like my mini rod and reel set-up has opened the door to lots of shorter sessions, I’ve got plans to get back on track with sea angling. After all, whenever I’m at Park Hall (the home of TNS) I’m actually half way to Rhyl from where I live. Instead of travelling back along the A5, it’s jut as easy to go the other way. As they say, watch this space.

As well as the light lure fishing this week, I also had one sit-down session and that’s featured in the accompanying video. It was a late afternoon outing, just a couple of hours up to dark, which is probably a long session compared to the vast majority I do these days. Like anything in life though, it’s always about quality rather than quantity. My angling life had changed considerably due to the football involvement but by being flexible and thinking outside the box, I’ve just moved the goalposts that’s all.

In the video I show my rig. Like all the set-ups that I fish with, it’s simple. My philosophy is to keep it straightforward, certainly initially. If tinkering needs to be done, that’s fine, but why complicate things when they don’t need to be. On the subject of videos, check out the ones so far in 2017 via the embedded Facebook post. They’re just short ones but hopefully inspiring.

One of my responsibilities at The New Saints is the updating of the club website. Here’s the post I did after the game last Saturday. I’ve always enjoyed writing and being a passionate football fan, it’s always a pleasure and never a burden. 

I also have a weekly column on the TNS site called Rev’s Ramblings. It’s an ongoing blog documenting my own personal experiences with the champions of Wales. In the latest one I’m out on the town with our latest signing, who is a Romanian U-21 international. 

Finally, from the world of working in professional football, here’s a Spanish flavour to end this week’s blog with. Adios, as they say. See you next week. Why not subscribe to the Saturday entries via the submission link at the base of the page.