As the conclusion of this week’s blog entry sees me clock 56 angling sessions this year so far, I’m still well on track for my target of 400 outings. Most of them have been very short though, but it doesn’t matter whether it’s 10 minutes or 10 hours, it’s all fishing.

The longest outing this time round was an afternoon on Kinver Freeliner’s Valley View pool. You can check out footage from that via the video below. It’s on my YouTube channel – why not subscribe and receive email notification every time I upload a video? All four species of fish this week were caught at the pool.

Other sessions yielded perch, which was my target species. As well as fishing with maggot, I also did a few sessions with a 1g mini jig head and a small Berkley minnow. On the right gear, even the smallest of perch provide some great sport. Once you start to catch bigger fish though, that’s when the pleasure levels rise considerably.

This week’s weather ranged from very cold to mild and very windy to still. The bottom line though is whatever the conditions, I went anyway. That’s the key to getting plenty of fishing in – just go. If you’re waiting around for the perfect conditions, you may have a long wait, then when you do get out it may not be as productive as you expected.

Angling photos from this week
Angling photos from this week

I have been north-of-the-border again this week. This time TNS were playing St. Mirren in the Irn-Bru Cup semi-final. Although we were 1-0 up at the break, sadly it was a game of two halves and we lost 4-1 in the end. The following three embedded Facebook posts are insights into what went on. You can keep up to date with all my adventures via my Facebook account.

Everything is public, although feel free to send me a friend request as everyone is added. Back to angling though, I also posted a very grainy image of things to do on a Saturday night in Glasgow. Go fishing. I only had my telescopic set-up and the River Clyde was too much of a match, but at least I gave it a go.




For some weeks now I’ve had a weekly angling feature on Rhyl’s Point FM. It’s on Tuesday at 10.30 am, why not tune-in? This week I covered it on Facebook Live so check that out in the future as well as I’m hoping to do more. I have also introduced a game as well, from my end, where people on Facebook can suggest a word or phrase and I’ll try and include it. It’s fun!


Finally, on the way back from St. Mirren we had none other than Spencer Wilding on our train. He then hitched a lift on our coach, and making the most of every opportunity, I interviewed him on the TNS account. Who is Spencer Wilding? Well, among other parts played, he is the new Darth Vader in Star Wars.