There’s another YouTube angling video with this blog and that forms the bulk of the fishing content. I’ve again been doing very short sessions this week, and in the video I not only fish with my mini rod and reel, but also show it to the camera.

The make is Poachers Pocket and I’ve certainly put it through its paces of late. They retail for about £40 and it’s definitely value for money. More importantly though for me personally, it’s been the passport to lots of angling sessions that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Short and sweet is how I would describe my fishing so far this year, and that’s been made possible because I’ve been able to travel very light. Flexibility has been the key-word and I’ve been making the most of every situation I can. That’s where the Poachers Pocket set-up has been perfect. Although I don’t keep it in the car permanently, when I do grab a quick session on the way to somewhere, I can then conceal it in the boot.

I’ve been north of the border this week, not for fishing though but on a football adventure. With TNS in the semi-final of the Irn-Bru Cup, I was there with our goalkeeper and captain, Paul Harrison. Joining us on the tour of the Irn-Bru factory, where lots of photos were taken, were the captains of Dundee United, Queen Of The South and St. Mirren.

We had a great time, as you can see from the embedded Facebook posts below. Collected at the Glasgow Central by the SPFL, we were also able to visit Hampden Park. I must say, the world of football is taking me to some amazing places. The great thing though, is that I’m still on the journey. I wonder what’s next!