It’s been another cold week, certainly as far as water temperature is concerned – and ultimately that’s what it’s all about. As anglers it’s not about how the conditions affect us, in that context, but rather what’s going on beneath the surface of the water. With seven sessions this week, and just one blank, I was quite pleased. The fishless outing was a very short one indeed as well, grabbing a few minutes on the canal micro-jigging for perch.

The other outings followed the same format I’ve employed as of late – out and about with the telescopic mini-rod and reel and making the most of limited time. I’ve been fishing with a 1/3 ounce lead, size 18 hook and 2.5lb fluorocarbon hook-length. Bait has been a single maggot. It’s all very simple but it works. Even the hook-length itself is created by simply nipping on a shot and adding a 5mm bead.

For the first time in a couple of months or so, I’ve done a YouTube video, so that’s embedded here to watch. I did a couple of sessions on the brook, but from a filming perspective, I chose the wrong one. The first outing was action all the way, while the one I took the camcorder to was more of a struggle. At least I caught though, ideally you need at least one fish  in a fishing video.

This blog entry sees me complete 41 sessions so far this year. It’s a combination of passion, thinking outside the box and making the most of every opportunity. Also, although I love my angling, I’m not part of the scene, so to speak. You won’t find me on forums getting involved in pointless arguments or in a committee meeting somewhere, battling away with hidden agendas and promotion of ego. Where you will find me though, is by the water’s edge.

Now, of course, I’m not saying that forums or committees, for example, are bad because they are not. You know what I mean though. Basically I’m not interested in  negativity. It drains and sucks the energy out of you. Stay positive, be wise and concentrate on your own angling. It’s worked for me.

Some shots from this week
Some shots from this week

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It was great to have BBC Alba at Park Hall this week. They were filming ahead of the Irn-Bru Cup game next weekend at St. Mirren.

We’ve had four youngsters selected for the Wales U-18 Academy squad. I interviewed our very own Welsh international, Steve Evans, on the pitch at Park Hall.