This week’s blog entry is not only the 703rd consecutive Saturday that I’ve published one, it’s also the final entry of 2016. Starting in July 2003, it means that I’ve now covered 15 different years. Or at least I will do tomorrow, as we welcome another New Year. For now though, let’s look back over the last seven days.

With my TNS schedule now settling down after taking on more responsibility at the start of the month, I had my first ‘proper’ session in a while. Out on a lake in Shropshire pursuing carp, it was always going to be difficult, as ice covered much of the venue. Unfortunately I blanked. Nevertheless, it was great to get back out on a prolonged outing, as opposed to the shorter bank-side visits I have been enjoying of late.

A few fish from the brook this week
A few fish from the brook this week

The other six sessions this week were of the latter though. Divided between a brook and a canal, I enjoyed a number of fish. Nothing big, but then again I was after mini-species on most of the outings, so the sticklebacks and bullheads that I caught were actually pretty decent. With the water temperatures being lower this week, I switched to a size 18 hook and a single maggot.

My first fish of 2016 was a perch and so was the final one, on December 31 (today, as I publish). In between there have been many others, as well as lots of other species as well. My plans for the year ahead focus mostly around the number of outings that I will do. My target is 400. Yes, you read that right. I’ll explain in next week’s blog entry exactly how I intend to achieve that.

Nothing big this week but all very enjoyable
Nothing big this week but all very enjoyable

I’ve had a trial run in December, and even with a very busy schedule, I’ve managed 32 sessions. Anyway before my blog entry moves on to other things, let me take this opportunity to wish you a very happy and blessed 2017. Remember though, it’s only a date on a calendar. Things don’t change magically.

Happy New Year, but if we want things to be different then we have to change.

Fishing on Christmas Day. Yes, and why not.

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On ITV Wales and ITV Central this week. We had the cameras at Park Hall and I was interviewed. 

TNS in the Guinness World Records this week for 27 consecutive wins. Following the final whistle I got some fans’ reactions.