Nine sessions in seven days

Chub will eat just about anything, I can’t think of a bait that they won’t take and it was frankfurter sausage boilies that I fished with on the opening outing. On the canal for a late afternoon and then just into dark session, I was fishing with a hair-rig to present the bait but with a quiver tip rod. Line was 6lb and the hook was a size 6 Drennan Super Specialist. The 1/3 ounce lead was free-running.

With the water temperature rock-bottom I knew it was going to be a challenge, but the redeeming factor was that chub were the quarry. Although they will feed when the going is very tough, I do prefer running water in those conditions. The fish are more active, due to the movement of the water and therefore need to eat to keep going. Their food intake may be minimal but compared to their stillwater brethren, it’s marginally more. However, I ended the outing with fish in the net, and for that I was very thankful.

The mini-species feature this week
The mini-species feature this week

In total I managed a further eight sessions this week, making nine in seven days. As I look ahead to 2017, that’s the way I will be going as far as my angling is concerned. Lots of short sessions and sometimes more than one per day. I have my telescopic rod to thank for that, and after the chub session, that’s the way I went. Although I try to keep made-up rods as much as possible anyway, the much more flexible nature of the shorter rod opens up more opportunity as I can keep it in the boot when needed, rather than having gear on open display in the car.

Dividing the outings between the canal and a brook, I had more success by far on the latter. In fact I caught lots of roach but also gudgeon, sticklebacks and bullhead. I really enjoy catching the mini-species and I’m going to dedicate some blog entries specifically to them in 2017. As I start to wind down 2016’s angling, that’s 250 sessions so far since January 1. Due to the short-but-sweet approach that I will be employing very much from the New Year, I’m hoping to do a lot more than that. My plans will be revealed in due course. You always need a plan.

More photos from this week's sessions
More photos from this week’s sessions

TNS players send a get well soon message to a young boy in hospital

Ahead of one of the games this week I went into the changing room and recorded this. The feedback from the boy and his family has been fantastic. I enjoy this aspect of my involvement with TNS very much.

My wife, Debby, at Tipton Family Church

Last Sunday was our carol service at church and I recorded Debby leading us as we sang Silent Night. If you’re in the Black Country, why not come and join us one Sunday? It would be great to see you!

Live on Point FM

If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you’ll know that I’ve been doing a weekly angling feature on Rhyl’s Point FM. Every Tuesday morning from 10.30 am, this time round I recorded my end on Facebook Live and that’s it below. My wife, Debby, puts in an appearance as well.

Bradley Lowery

You may have heard of Bradley, he’s been in the news a lot recently. Sadly though, not for the right reasons as he’s terminally ill with cancer. As a football fan he has requested as many Christmas cards as possible, so this week we sent him from one from TNS. My wife gets her third mention in the blog as she made the card. For the second time this week, the players got involved in a video.

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