Welcome to my blog entry, this is the 700th consecutive Saturday that I’ve published one. It began in July 2003 and has continued ever since. I did intend to keep at it, so in many ways it should come as no surprise that it’s still going strong. Prior to the very first entry, I gave it much thought. It certainly wasn’t an impulsive action.

Up until recently, it has been pretty much angling all the way. However, in recent weeks I have broadened my horizons to include other stuff. In effect it has become a personal blog. It is still fishing-focused though and that’s where I kick off this week, as indeed every blog entry.

I have been back on the brook that has occupied so much of my time this year. I made six visits and with one solitary canal session, that’s another outing a day on average. With the canal being covered in ice for most of the week, along with other local stillwaters, flowing water was the only real option.

Roach from the brook
Roach from the brook

I managed to fish between the ice on one particular afternoon and it was the only blank of the week. In my defence though, the water was very cold indeed and I was only there for twenty minutes. In fact, even the brook sessions were all very short. I spent more time driving there and back than actually fishing.

How I would love to have some angling on the doorstep, but living just yards from the English watershed means that the only water in the immediate area consists of the springs that bubble up from the ground. I’m loving the brook though and the drive is worth it.

Now that the undergrowth has died back, access is easier. This week, as I have been promising for a while, is my telescopic rod feature. It’s been an asset on the brook as it is still a wild and remote place. Travelling light and with a small rod is much easier than with all the gear.

Variety from the brook and the telescopic rod on my parcel shelf
Variety from the brook and the telescopic rod on my parcel shelf

The rod and reel go under the name of Poachers Pocket. The set-up has certainly opened the door for me to fish more. Last week I announced my promotion at TNS, and more than ever, I need to make the most of every opportunity.

The rod is always made up and therefore I am ready to go as soon as I am by water. The line by the way is 6lb and although it’s really for when I’m after perch, the roach on the brook aren’t shy. No-one fishes it so they haven’t wised-up yet. Add the clump of maggots on a size 10 Drennan Super Specialist and you get the picture.

As well as roach I also caught two sticklebacks, one perch and a bullhead. Although predominantly roach, it’s great to see other species in there as well. I fish a simple leger set-up with the line going straight through and a nipped-on shot creating a hook-length. The lead is 1/3 ounce.

Looking festive at Tipton Family Church

On Rhyl’s Point FM

My granddaughter counting in Welsh

At Wales’ oldest football club