Canal and brook fishing

For a number of blog entries I’ve been logging seven sessions per week and this time round is no exception. In fact I am hoping this is going to become a benchmark, so as far as that is concerned, watch this space. The big plus is that I’m doing short outings. With a made-up rod and minimal gear, I’m able to make the most of every opportunity.

Photographs from the canal sessions
Photographs from the canal sessions

The canal has featured again this week, although it has been very cold indeed at times, so much so that it’s been mostly frozen. The only clear bits have been where a lock has been leaking water and the flow has kept the ice at bay. The water temperatures have plummeted, but as always, as long as your bait’s in the water you’ve got a chance.

In addition, I’ve also been on the brook that has featured in many recent blog entries. That too has experienced extremes as far as conditions are concerned. It’s been low and clear towards the end of the week but at the start it was racing through.

The brook has been very kind to me this week
The brook has been very kind to me this week

As you can see from the photographs though, I’ve caught. The reason being that I went out. It really is as simple as that, in the context that if you don’t go you won’t catch. Regardless of what the winter throws at us, I’ll still be fishing right through.

BBC Wales film

Last weekend, TNS made it sixteen out of sixteen league wins so far this season. The record-breaking evening was filmed by BBC Wales. They released the footage in the week, and with lots of filming, so much was edited out. I was really pleased, therefore, to actually be included in the final cut. View it below.


A promotion at TNS

As the club is already in the top flight of Welsh, football, there can be no promotion. However, for me as an individual I got one this week. Read all about it below.

At Media City with CBBC

Finally, to round the blog entry off, I was at Media City in Salford. You can read all about – and view the photographs – via the Facebook post below. I like incorporating these posts into the blog, it makes it easier as they’ve already been written as they happened. And finally, as always, feel free to add me on Facebook. It’s a great way of keeping in touch. Just search me or click the post below.