Fishing every day

I’m going well with my fishing at the moment, certainly in the sense of getting maximum sessions in. This week, for the second consecutive blog entry, I managed to get out seven times. That’s fishing every day, albeit short outings, that if you added them together would still be less than someone who goes out for the whole day from first to last light. I must say though, I prefer to do it this way, at least I get to fish a lot.

I dropped off twice on a canal on the way to Park Hall, the home of TNS. These visits saw my telescopic rod put in an appearance. It’s ideal for these sort of sessions, as it fits in the boot and therefore avoids the situation of leaving a parked car with fishing tackle on display. I know I have said it a few times before, but I really do need to feature the set-up in a blog entry. Most definitely, watch this space.

Perch from the canal
Perch from the canal

I also fished the small brook a couple of times that has featured in my blog entries during the course of this year. As well as the small roach that I always catch, I also banked a pretty decent one as well. In fact I had my iPad with me and so did a short Facebook Live video from the water’s edge. You can view that here, and of course if you’re a Facebook friend then keep an eye on my account for more videos as they happen.

I do like Facebook Live and I think it’s definitely something that is going to become bigger. After all, Facebook have even been advertising it on TV, which shows just how keen they are on promoting it. There are pros and cons compared to a YouTube video, the biggest plus though as far as I’m concerned is the fact that you can go live. I enjoy capturing the moment.

Talking of that, I grabbed a midnight session on the River Almond this week while I was up in Scotland with TNS in the Irn-Bru Cup. It was interesting to say the least, as you can see from the Facebook Live video. That was another outing for my telescopic rod. It’s seen a fair bit of action this week, including one of the canal sessions as well.

I caught perch and chub on the cut (as it is known locally) by the way. The water temperature has fallen, of course, since the heady days of the summer but it’s been steady this week. My approach has been my tried and trusted 1/3 ounce lead, size 10 hook with worm over red maggots. Apart from the brook though, where I fished with maggots. The same size hook though and a number of maggots, as I was still trying to get among the better fish.

Roach from the brook, chub from the canal
Roach from the brook, chub from the canal

Angling slot on Point FM

I mentioned a couple of blog entries back how I had been on Rhyl’s Point FM. Well, in just a couple of weeks the fledgling spot has gone from strength to strength. I knew it was going well as the radio station was tweeting and posting on Facebook about it. Then, when they started a page just for the feature, I knew it had really made its mark. It’s all quite exciting, especially as these are just the early days.

Why not listen? It’s every Tuesday at 10.30 am on the Jeff Pearson mid-morning show. You can access it via the internet so why not join us next Tuesday? In addition, I’m going to record it on Facebook Live when possible, so again, head over to my account. As you can see from the embedded Facebook link, I did last week’s. It went well and my granddaughter came and joined me.

Livingston FC and gap Connah’s Quay 

Last weekend was spent in Scotland, as TNS beat Livingston 3-0 in the QF stage of the Irn-Bru Cup. It was a great couple of days away, I really enjoyed it. I was up at 6.00 am on Saturday morning and back home after 2.00 am on Monday. All these years of night fishing, up in the early hours and back home likewise after a late session, has prepared me for what I’m doing now in Welsh football.

The second game of the week was another cup competition, this time the Welsh League Cup as TNS travelled to gap Connah’s Quay. With the game delicately balanced at 2-2 the fog descended and it was abandoned. So, it’s back to Flintshire this coming Tuesday to replay the game

New grandchild on the way

I’ve known about it for a few weeks or so, of course, but I announced it publically this week on Facebook that I’m going to become a grandfather for the second time. My daughter had her first scan and that’s what you can see in the image below. I was there with my first granddaughter just after birth, I can’t believe how quickly she has grown up. She’ll be four by the time the new baby is born.

There are obvious disadvantages of getting older, but the way I see it is that there are also loads of positives as well. One is that, even though your kids have grown up and have flown the nest, you then start all over again with their offspring. The great thing about Nyah, my only grandchild at the moment, is that she stays over with us quite a lot. Fishing’s great, football’s great, but you can’t beat family can you.