THE GREAT UNKNOWN – Roach fishing on a brook (Blog entry 661)

In last week’s blog entry I ‘discovered’ a tiny brook that I decided to have a go at. I was amazed that it even contained fish. This time round I return and I’m even more amazed to encounter the quality of the fish in there. Relatively speaking, some of them are monsters, especially the one roach that I caught.

Lots of bank-side chat and fish action including thoughts on secrecy and whether we should share our venues in the public domain. That will be especially relevant for anyone that has a blog or contributes to angling forums.

There’s also a snowy trip down Memory Lane when my bivvy became an igloo overnight, plus a Thought For The Week. As always, lots of nature footage in there as well. Next Saturday the written blog is expanded as I go sea fishing for the first time this year – and I’m joined on one of the sessions by a professional footballer.