TIME IS TIGHT (CARP) – Blog entry 646

One of the biggest restrictions that most anglers experience is time. It’s not that they don’t want to go fishing more but rather the circumstances dictate that, as well as being a Booker T and The MG’s soul classic, Time is Tight is actually the reality of their situation. If that’s you though, don’t despair, all is not lost. With some thought it is possible to at least shift the balance a little.

The pool I fished in this week’s blog entry

The important thing, especially for this time of the year, is to choose your venue very carefully. We may be able to work out the reasons, or indeed we may not have a clue, but the reality is that some places fish better than others as we hit the colder months of the year. The important thing is to have venues that we can go to where no matter how tough the conditions, we know that we at least have a chance of a fish or two on the bank.

The only fish from session one, great colours!

In this week’s blog I fish such a pool. It features quite often in my angling diary entries at this time of the year, through to spring. Regarding the point I made about why it fishes well, it shouldn’t really as it is extremely shallow, but even when breaking the ice I will catch. On the other hand it has a healthy density of fish so there is plenty of competition for food. As you can see from the accompanying video though, I caught just one fish on session one.

Strawberry pop-up did the business on session two

Setting up in a new swim due to fallen trees blocking my usual access spot, it really was a slow day. I have never blanked on there for carp and I was beginning to wonder, but when the hi-vis cranberry pop-up was picked up and the rod pulled round, I was thankful indeed. Sometimes the line between ‘success’ and ‘failure’ is a very thin one indeed.

Another great looking carp from the pool

I was back again for a second session, hoping that the trees had been removed. Unfortunately they hadn’t, although while I was fishing I heard chainsaws in unison and on the way back to the car I saw that the path is now clear. At least I’m sorted for the next visit anyway. I ended up with three carp this time round so it was certainly a big improvement as far as action was concerned.

My bait approach for session two

You can check out both outings on the accompanying video. I also go through the bait used as well. Although strawberry jam boilies are for most anglers a summer bait, they still did the business on the second session. Remember that, although air temperatures are well down compared to three months ago, water doesn’t drop as sharply. Plus, on a practical level, I have two packs I want to use before winter proper sets in!

Not a big fish but you can only catch what’s in there

With SBS branching out beyond bait products, I also fished with Grip-Tip hooks and Discovery hook-length  braid. I find both specific items excellent – and I’m not just saying that as I’m involved with the company. The proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating, and I actually fish with them . When you’ve got the confidence to tackle up with a product that says it all. (Published November 28 2015)