Anglesey has been the chosen destination of our early-summer vacation in recent years, however this time round we headed further down the Welsh coast to the beautiful county of Merionethshire.

With Barmouth to the north and Tywyn to the south, the coastal village of Llwyngwril was our home for the week. The roads on the caravan park were given names, so imagine my surprise when I discovered we were staying in Fisherman’s Walk! It was a sign if ever I saw one!

It's great to catch your target species
It’s great to catch your target species

With the beach thirty seconds away, I was more than excited from an angling perspective. However, the discovery of rocks both along the beach and out as far as low tide – and beyond – quickly saw me searching for a plan B.

That was to be this side of the estuary that separates the aforementioned Barmouth from Fairbourne. You can see how I got in in the video at the head of the page.

A double-header of low-water flounder
A double-header of low-water flounder

It was a very windy week, especially at the beginning, and I knew it was going to be a battle as far as the conditions were concerned when the weather man on TV said we were in for tornadic conditions. I must confess I’d never heard the word before, but I knew what he was saying – and he was right.

With the hills of Snowdonia ending right at coast it is certainly a beautiful place to cast a line and I captured some of the scenery in the video. Although my blog is first and foremost about angling, I think the inclusion of the natural world is very much the icing on the cake.

Returning another bass back to the estuary
Returning another bass back to the estuary

Birds seen during the vacation included: red kite, linnet, ringed plover, skylark, meadow pipit, wheatear, shelduck, red breasted merganser, little egret and oystercatcher. Birding is very similar to fishing in that location is the key. Put yourself in the right place and you increase your chances.

Of course, it was also great to catch my target species, the bass. Every time I go fishing I always have a particular fish in mind so it’s great when it comes together. I have plans to take my blog back to the estuary though, in pursuit of flounder. So, as they say, watch this space. (Published June 6 2015)


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