BUSINESS AS USUAL (Perch) – Blog entry 619

If you’re a regular follower of my blogs then of course you will be aware that they have been word-only for the last three weeks. You can go back to blog 616 (‘RIP JVC’) to find out why, but the good news for this entry is that it’s back to business as usual. I thought that I’d enjoy the freedom of having no camcorder to ‘interfere’ with my angling, but I’ve actually missed the filming.

I’ve particularly missed the nature side of things. Although my videos are first and foremost angling-focused, as a keen amateur naturalist I enjoy sprinkling lots of that into the mix. I’ve actually seen the Big Five in their natural environment in Africa but I still get a tremendous buzz from what we have here in the UK. And as far as angling is concerned, as I’ve stated many times before, it is the perfect platform from which to view the natural world.

A ruffe - watch this space
A ruffe – watch this space

On session one it was back to a canal that I’ve spent a lot of time on this year – the Staffs/Worcs. Setting up late afternoon, I expected at least a boat or two to be passing through but I had no interference whatsoever. You can see how I got on, as far as the action was concerned in the video, but I ended with perch, chub and five ruffe. The latter species is actually on my radar and catching them as I did merely enforced my focus, so as they say, watch this space.

There were no big fish banked, but as always, I enjoyed myself. I filmed a colony of butterbur as well as a male pheasant that decided to roost in the tree behind me. Walking back to the car along the towpath, a tawny owl flew across me, no more than three metres away. Often heard but not always seen, this was a close encounter of the best kind. My ears also picked up a little owl. It was very close but I didn’t catch even a glimpse of it.

The Willey Pool on the Kinver Freeliners ticket
The Willey Pool on the Kinver Freeliners ticket

For my second outing of the week I headed for a Kinver Freeliners venue, Willey Pool. Nested in the Shropshire countryside, it’s a fairly recent addition to the ever-growing impressive portfolio of venues that the club can boast. There is a waiting list that is currently four years, but its free to get your name down. Check out the KFAC website here. You can see Willey Pool in the video, it’s a beautiful place.

As far as the fishing was concerned I didn’t even have the luxury of a tap or a pluck. As you can see though I got plenty of footage of common frog tadpoles and a little grebe in striking summer plumage as well as primrose and ramsons in bloom. Not that I want too many blanks, of course, but being as I see the big picture I’m not exactly devastated if I don’t catch.

Returning a small perch
Returning a small perch

It was back to the canal for the third outing, and as you can see in the video, roach and small perch featured. With one final session planned I decided to hit a local pool. Walking around it a week previously, I noticed a solitary perch hanging around some stone structure in the water. It was certainly over 1lb and a decent fish for the place, so I decided to round the week off by paying the place a visit.

I arrived with dusk already settling in. I changed method, this time opting for a spinning rod. Unfortunately the perch wasn’t around but I did bank a small pike, had one throw the hook, and two follow-through to the edge. Not bad for less than an hour. You can connect with me via my Facebook angling page. Give it a ‘like’ HERE. See you next Saturday and tight lines. (Published May 23 2015)