There are many factors involved in angling, water temperature is one of them and especially important in winter. I take mine every time I go fishing and on this page I share them. They may not be your venues, but what they will do is give you a general idea. In particular, it’s not just the temperature itself, but the trend.

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April 1. 8.9C       Staffordshire reservoir.      Slight fall since recent visit, air temperaures still struggling.

April 2. 10.5C     Shropshire estate lake.     Shallow margins so a general guide.

April 3.  10.1C    Shropshire estate lake.      Same venue but an hour into light.

April 3.  11.2C    Shropshire pool.                Best temperature of the year.

April 7.  10.8C    Staffordshire reservoir.       Venue up 0.9C in 6 days.

April 9.   11.4C   Staffordshire lake.             This venue is always higher than most of the others I fish.

April 13.  11.9C   Shropshire reservoir.

April 14.   14.1C  Staffs/Worcs Canal.       In a very warm spell, water temperatures responding.

April 15.   13.7C  Staffs/Worcs Canal.       First light temperature, slight fall as expected.