There are many factors involved in angling, water temperature is one of them and especially important in winter. I take mine every time I go fishing and on this page I share them. They may not be your venues, but what they will do is give you a general idea. In particular, it’s not just the temperature itself, but the trend.

March 2.     Staffs/Worcs Canal.     6.6C     A few days of very cold weather has seen a sharp drop.

March 4.     Staffs/Worcs Canal.     6.4C     Slowing down but still in decline.

March 5.     Staffs/Worcs Canal.     7.2C     Big increase in air temperature has reversed the fall.

March 6.     Staffs/Worcs Canal.     8.3C     Mild air temperature continues to influence the water.

March 17.   Staffs/Worcs Canal.     8.8C     A good time to hit the canal before the Easter boat traffic.

March 18.   Staffs/Worcs Canal.      8.8C    Stable temperature, it’s been a long time since that happened.

March 19.   Staffs/Worcs Canal.      9.3C    Mild air temperature forcing water up. Still minimal boat traffic.

March 25.   Staffordshire reservoir.  8.4C    Lower overnight air temperature keeping water down. Still decent for March though.

March 26.   Staffs/Worcs Canal.      9.8C   Still minimal boat traffic, make the most of it before Easter.

March 27.   Staffs/Worcs Canal.       8.9C   Overnight frost and temperature down from day before.

March 30.    Staffordshire stillwater. 10.2C  This venue always one that has higher temperatures than others I fish, but nice to see first double figure of the month.